Underwater Ending Explained & Film Analysis

In 2020, many films have been released that amaze with their content, deep meaning, some films are entertaining, some raise real issues. A separate category is made up of horror films that amaze with their vivid plot, unusual meaning, they will appeal to all those who are interested in this subject and want to experience strong emotions. The movie Underwater has a very special plot, many compared this movie to Ridley Scott’s Aliens before it was released.

Later, after it went on the air, many felt that there were too many cliches, clichés, there was not enough rigidity, the production was also called boring. There are very few such horrors, so many people pay attention to these pictures. The film stars Kristen Stewart, who has the distinction of being able to provide an influx of fans, but also a downright boring performance. In many ways, it was her presence in the film that influenced her popularity. Many watched the film because of Kristen Stewart, while others felt that her performance could ruin the film as a whole.

There are many monsters in the film, they are of different types. In the story, engineer Nora sacrifices herself to allow two of her employees to survive, who can escape in escape pods, she wants the lovers to be reunited on earth, which happened, judging by the final frames of the picture.

However, the monsters start chasing the pods of the surviving divers. In addition to Kristen Stewart, the main roles went to Vincent Cassel and other actors. The plot begins with the fact that the drilling station is completely destroyed due to a powerful earthquake, the mechanical engineer and her colleagues manage to get to the escape pods, the biologist, the chief engineer, is also waiting for them. The use of special suits and capsules allows them to survive, but they learn that the capsules are shrouded in algae and a corpse is found in them, then a creature appears from there, attacks them.

Many assume that this creature was asleep, but due to the drilling of the well, special awakening processes were involved, some are injured, some are attacked by a terrible creature and die. The heroes are trying to save each other, so Nora allows them to sacrifice themselves, to disconnect the cable with the help of a new suit. Nora finds Emily, who saves her Liam. Already at the very end of the film, Nora tries to persuade the couple in love to escape and leave her here, she sacrifices herself.

It is not fully shown exactly how they are saved, but various headlines from newspapers are shown, where it is clear that the couple was saved and reunited. The film has a special meaning, it shows not only the terrifying pictures that happen under water, but also a special love story, friendship, self-sacrifice. Many were not impressed by the acting, especially the creation of monsters. Many feel that the film is essentially under-designed. Many believe that it was the terrible entity that could have been created more frightening. Critics received this film ambiguously, many did not like the ill-conceived design.

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