What is the story Blessing of the Celestials about?

Chinese fantasy on domestic shelves. Finally, the cycle of Chinese novels “The Blessing of the Celestials” will appear on shelves, as the Komilfo publishing house has already announced the translation of the works. Already at the stage of pre-orders, readers bought more than 30,000 copies, and their number is growing rapidly. Today we will talk about what caused such popularity of the representative of Chinese literature.

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About the author and book

The author of Chinese fantasy is Moxiang Tongsu. It is known that this is the pseudonym of a writer from China. Facts from her biography are practically unknown. In one of the rare interviews, the girl said that literature had attracted her since childhood, but her mother wanted to fashion an economist out of her. As you can see, she didn’t do it very well.

Blessing of the Celestials

The chosen alias is also not a coincidence. Translated from Chinese into Russian, it stands for something like this: “The smell of ink and copper,” which also refers us to the duality of her possible future associated with professions.

Blessing of the Celestials is not the first book by the famous author. Back in 2014, it became known that the girl made contact with a major Internet literature site, Jinjiang. However, Chinese readers saw the first chapter of our novel only three years after the signing of all the papers.

It is also known that Mosyan creates in the fantasy and danmei genre. That is, the main characters of her novels live in ancient China, but are forced to coexist with magical creatures, demons and deities, fallen entities.

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One of the most important aspects of the writer is a detailed study of the world. Each name or emblem of an ancient family means something, and gives a hint of future developments. Also, any phrase of the heroes and their environment is not accidental, and will have a consequence. This makes you read the novel with extreme attention and concentration in order to get real pleasure after you manage to unravel the author’s hint.

What is “The Blessing of the Celestials” about?

Let’s move on to the plot. Before us is the main character in the face of Xie Lian. He is the crown prince of the fictional Chinese state of Xianle, noble and pure in heart. He knows about the prophecy, according to which he will become a deity, but in order to stay on top, he will have to try very hard.

The main characters of the Blessing of the Celestials

Twice he rose and fell from Heaven, and his highness finally enters the heavenly chambers for the third time. The new deity receives a trivial task for its first task – to cope with a powerful demon, on behalf of which other Celestials are bathed in holy sweat.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the demon is not going to fix the massacre of the crown prince.

Blessing of the Celestials

This is the backlog of the novel. If we talk about the meaning, then this is a story not only about the adventures and misadventures of an unlucky deity. Not at all. The author tells us about love, betrayal and devotion, as well as fate, choice and a sense of duty.

Admirers of Mosyan’s work are sure that every reader will find something for themselves in this novel.

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