The Invisible Guest Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Detectives have always attracted the attention of viewers with an abundance of investigations, incomprehensible and inexplicable events, strange incidents and incomprehensible characters who seem to have absolutely nothing to do with what happened. But this is far from being the case – with each new event, the story is gaining momentum and its plot can radically change in the other direction. The Spanish detective thriller The Invisible Guest tells the story of Adrian Doria, who is under house arrest. He is accused of the murder of his own mistress, and lawyer Virginia Goodman takes over the case. She wants to drop the charges against her subordinate and therefore tries to get out of him every little thing that is relevant to the case. Moreover, a new witness appears, whose testimony is clearly not in favor of Adrian.

What is the Spanish movie “The Invisible Guest” about?

The plot develops in a very strange, but very typical for this kind of films: each character tells his vision of the incident, each has his own opinion on this matter and his own truth. Thanks to this, a very interesting story is wrapped up in which each viewer can put forward their own options for the further development of the story. Everything is taken into account, even the most nondescript and small details. After all, they can turn the course of history and lead the viewer to the right conclusions about history.

The ending shocked even those viewers who constantly watch detective films – it is very unexpected and completely contradicts the versions that the viewer can put forward. It is very difficult to unravel the plot on your own and find the culprit, because the intrigue keeps the viewer near the screen until the very end.

In order for the viewer to feel the whole atmosphere of tension and incomprehensibility of the situation, the film is deliberately shot in dull colors and restless music constantly plays. There are a lot of surprises in the plot, and such that even the most experienced viewer will not be able to guess how the plot will turn next. To understand in advance how this film will end, you need to peer and listen to every detail, because everything has its own value and meaning. The dialogue between Virginia and Adrian resembles psychological games in which you need to find the truth. But everyone has their own truth, and this is what captures the viewer and keeps his attention until the very end of the film.

The film was not made to be watched once and forgotten about forever. Yes, it is a bit old-fashioned, but that does not lose its value. With each new viewing, you can notice the detail that you did not pay enough attention to before. BUT there is one very important feature: the screenwriter does not impose on the viewer only one theory of the further development of events. The viewer can think for himself, think about who could kill his mistress and whether Adrian finishes everything. In a conversation between a lawyer and Virginia, the viewer can conduct an independent psychological investigation, ignoring the lawyer’s statements. The viewer himself becomes a lawyer and at the same time the accused. He has the opportunity to look at the behavior of both parties in this situation from the outside – as a person who is not at all interested in the current situation.

There are a lot of conversations and psychological tricks in the series – according to its script, the film does not at all resemble the usual Hollywood thriller with its massacres, chases and gunfights. There is a lot of psychology here – you need the utmost attentiveness and composure.

The audience responds very positively about this film – it is impressive, breathtaking and makes the brain work and look for options for the development of the situation. To get a personal impression of the film, we recommend that you watch it if you have not already done so – the film will definitely drag you in and make you unwittingly become a lawyer.

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