The Matrix Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

What is the point of the Matrix movies? The Matrix is ​​a series of truly cult films that have received popular recognition. This is probably one of the most unique films that has no analogues in all cinema. Interestingly, the plot of the film was able to give rise to a whole worldview. After watching, many people began to believe that our entire world is the Matrix. However, unfortunately, not everyone understands the true meaning of the film. Many do not understand what the struggle between machines and people is, why Neo is not the chosen one, and so on. We decided to correct this omission, so we prepared a complete analysis of the meaning of the film “The Matrix”. If you’d like to know about it, we’d love to hear from you!

The meaning of all the films “The Matrix”

Thomas Anderson is the most simple-looking person. He works as a programmer, and at night he is a hacker nicknamed Neo. One day, he contacts another hacker, nicknamed Morpheus, who is wanted almost everywhere. He sends a message to Neo that reads: “You are in the Matrix.” A woman nicknamed Trinity, Morpheus’ liaison, promises to reveal to Thomas the secret of the Matrix, for which he has been hunting for a long time.

That’s just right from the place of work, Thomas is taken away by the so-called “agents”. They interrogate Thomas. That’s just that he manages to escape to Trinity, who delivers him to Morpheus. There, Neo is offered two options: to eat a blue capsule and stay inside the Matrix, and also to forget all this or a red one, which will help him to know the Matrix. Neo chooses red.

He wakes up in a terrible complex in a capsule, from where the system dumps him. That’s just the hero does not die – he is saved. Morpheus gradually begins to explain to Neo the essence of the Matrix.

It turns out that humanity is almost completely exterminated. It lost the war with the machines, so its remnants had to go underground. There they organized a city – Zion.

The people who were caught were locked in a system called the Matrix. This is a program that imitates the world familiar to many. Cities, countries, everyday reality – all this was reproduced by the system. However, human bodies in the real world were connected to the system. Human resources (heat and others) were used by machines as energy. Thus, people lived in the ignorance of the fact that they are in a simulation of the real world.

Neo learns that he is the chosen one, who has to overcome the system. Gradually, he discovers special abilities in himself. People sincerely believe that he will be able to save the last people. But they live terribly – there is no food, normal water, too. Life underground is not so rosy, so many even dream of returning to the Matrix.

We later learn that Neo is only part of the chain. From time to time the plot with the “chosen one” is repeated. The Architect (the creator of the Matrix) offers Neo to choose a few people who will build the new Zion. The rest will be exterminated. Particular attention should be paid to the phrase that there were several Matrices. Initially, the Architect created an ideal world, but people did not like the lack of difficulties. Then all the inequality was added to the world of the Matrix, which was during the normal life of people.

Why is this phrase special? From it we can understand the following – The Matrix can be multi-layered. Allegedly, the “real” world is the next stage in the protection of the Matrix. The Chosen One, the war of machines and people, the Architect is all an illusion of people’s choice. Everything is already predetermined, and even Neo cannot stop the natural course of things. Vivid proof is Neo’s ability to use some of his abilities “outside the Matrix”, in the “real” world. Where is the real world then? Unfortunately, the trilogy does not provide an answer to this question.

The 4th part of the series is now expected to be released. Perhaps she will show us the outcome of this conflict. Will Neo be able to overcome this stage of the Matrix? Does the real world exist at all? What if everything we see is an illusion, and reality has long since disappeared? The answer is to be expected in the new film, because the ending of the third part is rather ambiguous. We do not understand whether the “real” world is real. What will happen next is unknown. Therefore, we are waiting for further information regarding the films “The Matrix”. Who knows, suddenly we will finally reveal the main secret of this world.

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