Venom Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Venom is another film from Marvel Studios dedicated to the superhero series. But only this time we will talk about one of the villains, namely Venom from the movie “Spider-Man 3: Enemy in Reflection”. Let’s figure out what the film is about and what is the meaning of its plot.

What is the Venom movie about?

The Life Foundation is a corporation that is currently engaged in bioengineering research. Now they have to dismantle the ship, on board of which there were people with special abilities. This ship crashed, and all forms of life on it were destroyed (except for one that managed to emigrate). A journalist named Eddie Brock receives a special assignment from his boss – to interview the director of this foundation. Through his acquaintances, the young man learns about illegal experiments that led to many deaths. But this work fails – both of them are fired. And that same life form survived and moved into a little girl.

The director of the Life Fund company after a while gets hung up on his experiments and conducts a huge mass of them on the homeless. Brock takes up investigative journalism again. In the process, he tries to save his friend, who turned out to be infected. She dies, but manages to infect the journalist. Soon, the young man develops strange symptoms. But the foundation is in trouble, so Brock is the only survivor of this experiment.

The guy is attacked, but he repels the attack with the help of the transformation into Venom. The Thing convinces Brock to become allies, the young man agrees while intoxicated with super strength. But later it turns out that Venom is gradually killing the human body. The director of the company at this time becomes a superhuman himself and plans to create a dominance of symbiotes on Earth. Brock and Venom try to stop him, but at the last moment, the villainous plan begins to come true. In the end, after a long confrontation, Brock manages to defeat the opponent. They agreed with Venom now to work in pairs and destroy only the villains.

The meaning of the plot of the movie “Venom”

What is the movie “Venom” about & how to understand it? To some extent, the film “Venom” can be called quite teenage. After all, in it you can see the main directions of Hollywood, which he uses for young people over the past 10 years. This is the absence of directly positive male characters. In this case, even the main male characters and the villain look like people with an underestimated role. Some of the characters still tried to be charismatic, but it’s more like a common feature that a teenager can associate himself with.

Also, unlike the same old Marvel movies, the characters are not strong on their own. If you remember, then before strength was achieved by labor, intelligence, or it was hard to develop. Now we have a priori strong characters who have become so because of superpowers. The protagonist of the film himself is shown as cowardly, unambitious and lonely. Its dependence on only one link of life – work is shown. Losing it, the hero loses the meaning of life. And the very message of the moment directly says that good cannot be just like that. Either it is selfish, or it will incur retribution from evil. He immediately has thoughts of suicide, although this is the most striking feature of a weak-minded person.

Venom in the film is presented rather than as an alien, but as an internal demon of the protagonist who lived in him from the very beginning. This is where the principle is revealed that you are a hero only because you have become super strong. After all, in fact, Venom turned a simple loser, obsessed with work, into something worthwhile. Evil in the face of a symbiote causes only positive emotions. The demon became a friend of the protagonist, and this is not the best scenario for the younger generation.

From the middle of the film, it is impossible to talk about any deep meaning in the film at all. It becomes utterly direct, primitive and sometimes vulgar. Even Venom does not save the picture. No allegories or theories can be built in this film.

From something interesting, one can only note the similarity of the villain (the director of a biochemical company) with Elon Musk. Like Musk, Drake is a generational icon. Why did he suddenly become a villain? It’s simple – for some people, Elon Musk has become an ordinary, no longer interesting genius.

If you briefly answer the question: “What is the point of the film?”, then everything is simple. There is no hidden subtext, the film tells how a “demon” moved into a simple guy. And it brought joy and a feeling of being like a superman to the hero. Unfortunately, there is nothing important or deep in the plot.

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