Lion Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The biographical drama Lion (2016) is a touching and tender story about a little boy. Sarah was only five years old. But already at this age he was separated from the family. The film shows incredible twists of fate, sincere meetings and bitter partings. Will the boy be able to withstand all the problems, difficulties and hardships that have fallen on him? Let’s try to figure out what true meaning the film “Lion” is endowed with.

The meaning of the film “Lion”

A heartbreaking story will definitely not leave any viewer indifferent. People immediately imbued with all their hearts to the little boy. At the age of five, he was completely unprepared to leave his family, but fate decided otherwise. Throughout the amazing film, the viewer empathizes not only with the little hero left without the support of loved ones, but also with the rest of the characters. The events of the film stretched not only for many years. They take place on two continents.

The meaning of the touching film “The Lion” is to prove to the audience that the outcome of many events depends on our attitude towards them. even if the gap is not visible at all, even if all circumstances are against you. There are always chances. And it doesn’t have to be zero.

The acting in the film deserves the highest praise. Only real masters of their craft can play the whole range of emotions so clearly filigreely. The viewer not only empathizes with all the participants in the actions unfolding on the screen, he learns to get out of difficult situations with his head held high. Each of us not only becomes an unwitting participant in events. We are imbued with all our hearts to the fate of the characters.

What trials, troubles and defeats await us ahead, no one knows. All people believe that troubles will definitely not happen to them. However, sometimes the reality is so harsh that we involuntarily doubt whether we have enough strength to survive the grief that has fallen on us. We think that all the hardships of fate happen to us because of some of our wrong actions. This is not true. We need to change our outlook. All obstacles and problems are given to us in order for us to reconsider our lives, our values ​​and priorities.

Way back home. Someone dreams of being in the parental home again, someone, on the contrary, because of quarrels and mutual misunderstanding, does not want to cross his threshold anymore. We must remember that our existence is fleeting. Our life is just a moment that cannot be returned. Therefore, in order not to suffer because of the years lived in vain, you need to have time to do good deeds and do sincere deeds. A smile, a kind word, an approving gesture not only cheer up a person, they can move him to new achievements and victories. It’s so easy to help someone in need. However, some people prefer to close themselves in their shell, thinking only about themselves. They themselves do not understand that their actions cause only harm to themselves.

Free yourself from hatred, envy, pride and selfishness. Let your heart become kind and sincere. Soon you will notice that your life will sparkle with new bright colors. Go only forward to a bright and happy existence.

The meaning of the ending of the film Lion

Why does this movie have such a name? What is the meaning of the title Lion? The audience will answer this question for themselves at the end of the film. It is in the finale of the tape that the protagonist is compared with a graceful young lion. The meaning of the ending of the film is to show the audience by a good example that in any life situation it is important to be above the circumstances. Whoever wants to break you, do not bend under the weight of your burden.

The protagonist from an early age was abandoned to the mercy of fate. However, he realized that in order to continue to exist, he needed to fight. Fight no matter what. He fell, but still found the strength to rise and move on. After all, since childhood, he realized that it was he who was the creator of his own destiny. In life, the character had to make difficult choices more than once. Sometimes it seemed to him that there was a dead end further on. He was like time after time became a hostage to circumstances.

But what helped the boy to survive despite the harsh reality? Faith in a bright future and sincere hope for a happy outcome. He didn’t know how many more trials he had to overcome. But he was sure of the main thing, that he would not give up under any circumstances. Only forward, despite resentment, pain, uncertainty and lack of a shoulder to lean on.

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