The Last Duel Movie Review: What Is The True Story?

Historical feature films always arouse the interest of a grateful viewer. After all, with their help, you can fully immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of that time, learn new interesting facts about the history of the country and become a participant in a rapidly developing plot. And the painting “The Last Duel”, which deals with France at the end of the 14th century, will interest everyone who feels close to the culture of this country and wants to feel the complexity of relationships among the ruling classes of that time.

Features of the plot of the picture

Thanks to the actively developing plot, the film “The Last Duel” looks easy, and the features of the characters of the main characters appear so voluminously that the viewer from the very first frames becomes like one of the acting characters in the picture. The director managed to create the most believable atmosphere of that time, because the territory of France was torn apart by conflicts at the end of the 14th century and to build a harmonious picture with a clear presentation of the sequence of events is a great merit of the filmmakers.

An interesting fact is that the characters in the picture are quite real. Initially, a book was written based on this story, in which the reader gets acquainted with a real, not fictional knight and his faithful squire. Both serve a well-known count in the country named Pierre d’Alenson, and their exploits become the basis of the first book, and then the film “The Last Duel.

film genre

The picture belongs to historical dramas with active action. With the help of thoughtful dialogues and shooting in the most beautiful places of the country, the film is watched in one breath, not letting go of the audience for a minute.

No less important is a well-chosen cast: thanks to the many well-known names, even more than once, events do not tire. The director made it his task to explore deep problems together with the audience, to raise many moral issues, because they do not lose their relevance at any time.

The drama is shown in the film with a special breadth, it can be attributed to the moral saga with colorful depictions of military events. You can pay attention to a certain length of events in the film, but since each episode in it is repeated three times (from the point of view of each main character), thanks to such a director’s decision, the viewer gets a complete picture of that time.

Sequence of events

Jean de Carrouges, who is a real knight from France of the 14th century, and his squire Jacques Le Gris, serve the count and show themselves as faithful warriors and patriots of their country. Being part-time friends, young people go through many military battles and adventures together.

One day, the wife of the knight de Carrouges, Marguerite, makes a statement about rape. According to the customs of that time, for justice, the main characters turn to the French king, who allows a duel to resolve the conflict. This is how the supreme will of God will be determined, who will do justice. The knight and the rapist, being friends, experience a terrible internal drama, to increase the volume of which the director makes an extraordinary decision: all the events of the film are shown three times, from the point of view of each acting character.

The tension slowly builds up as the stakes rise as more and more faces enter the picture. Their relationship with the main characters reinforce the ever-growing tension that arises when viewing the picture. Margarita, as the party that suffered and seeks justice, brings to life her perseverance and dignity. And the textured performances of Jean de Carrouges and his squire give the film an expressiveness, increasing the intensity of passions and captivating the viewer more and more.

What does the picture make you think about?

The study of the peculiarities of the customs of that time in France is supplemented by a constant analysis, together with the main characters, of such eternal questions as the value and depth of friendship, love and betrayal. As the development of events in the film shows, much depends on the role of a woman, the path she has chosen in achieving justice.

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