TENET Explained: What Really Happened To Neil At The End?

Christopher Nolan is one of the most famous directors in the world. Each of his films is an incredible combination of a soul-catching story, a stunning picture, a chic script and special effects made with high professionalism. In his work, he explores human nature, individuality, raises philosophical and moral and ethical questions and often considers temporal paradoxes. The film “Tenet”, released in the fall of two thousand and twenty, presents the viewer with the paradoxicality of a temporary phenomenon.

About what

The main character – the Protagonist – conducts a joint operation with the CIA to prevent a terrorist attack and save a cargo of plutonium, everything goes well, but he is framed, and he is captured, where he is tortured, hoping to get secret information. The hero prefers death to betrayal, bites into the capsule, which he believes contains poison, and turns off, but after a while consciousness returns to him, and people who introduce themselves as members of the secret organization “Tenet” offer him a job.

The protagonist agrees, his new goal is to prevent the Third World War. Soon he learns about a technological breakthrough of the future – a device that, based on the inversion of entropy, can move objects and people into the past. Neal, a British special agent, joins him in the investigation. They find out that Russian businessman Andrey Sator got access to a kind of time machine, and decide to get close to him through his wife, whom, as it turned out later, he blackmailed, beaten and humiliated.

The developed plan for infiltration into the close circle of a businessman who is actively involved in criminal cases on the black market is being successfully implemented. Salvaged plutonium, redirected to Tallinn, is used as bait. At the most decisive moment, the second Sator appears, from the past, takes Kat hostage and attacks the Protagonist, who is injured during the collision, but does not give up and, following the criminal into the past, saves Kat. A valuable cargo is lost, and a frightening picture begins to emerge: plutonium is required to materialize a formula aimed at inverting the whole world.

Explanation of meaning

The film Tenet is an analysis of time construction and its impact on humanity, presented in a vivid form that attracts attention. What is the meaning behind the labyrinth of twists and turns and fantastic assumptions? What is the movie “Tenet” about – The Mystery of the Temporal Phenomenon

Technologies for which humanity is not ready

Great power requires great responsibility, and any technology that manipulates time, space or people’s minds that can affect the fate of the world obliges its creators and users to use it carefully and thoughtfully. It is categorically impossible to succumb to emotions and momentary desires in such matters – the slightest incontinence can lead to disaster. But to act on impulse, under the influence of feelings in human nature – it is impossible to completely eradicate such impulses and limit people’s thinking and behavior only to logic, objective analysis and impartiality. What will win the battle between responsibility and passionate intent? Never known. Humanity has simply not grown up to the safe use of such technologies.

Sacrifice to save the world

The protagonist personifies a nameless victim in the name of saving the world. From the very first frame of the film, he appears before the viewer in the form of a warrior, a defender who fights criminals and prevents terrible crimes. He does not give up his attachments and his personal aspirations, but as the story progresses, he gets more and more bogged down in an endless war against evil, and in the end it turns out that in the future he will devote his life to this noble battle. The world is prone to contradictory self-destruction, this is an endless repeating process, but in any history there are critical points at which the break will become final and irrevocable, recovery will not follow. It is in these moments of history that real heroes are needed.

How does it end

The formula for creating an inversion that can literally reverse the whole world was developed in the distant future by a brilliant female scientist who, realizing the danger of her discovery, sent the important components of the formula to the past, where they were stored for a long time in the safe vaults of several countries. The collapse of the USSR led to a chain of fatal events – a militant group from the future establishes contact with Sator, and he receives inversion technologies at his disposal.

Currently, Sator, having learned about his incurable disease, has already collected all the components necessary to create a formula. He decides to commit suicide and drag the whole world after him – to invert the planet, destroying humanity. The formula is activated automatically after his death – the switch is set to his vital signs. The protagonist manages to kill Sator by neutralizing him, and in the final scene he learns that the mysterious founder of the Tenet organization is himself, and the special agent Neil is his good friend from the future. And this, by a clear example, shows the viewer the interconnection of everything in our world – everything that looks random, in the end, turns out to be explainable consequences of actions taken somewhere.

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