The Accountant Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Gavin O’Connor can hardly be called a very famous Hollywood director, but several of his works are remembered by the audience. Among them – “Miracle”, “Warrior” and the latest film The Accountant, which was acclaimed by critics and fans alike. The director managed to combine completely different stories and create something in between “Rain Man” and “Batman” or “Bourne”. The result of such a “hodgepodge” was highly appreciated by both critics and fans of the original cinema.

What is the movie The Accountant about?

The protagonist of the picture is Christian Wolfe, a man with a brilliant mathematical mind and serious psychological problems. He suffers from a disorder that makes life difficult and makes it difficult to communicate with the outside world. Christian works as an accountant and advises large criminal organizations, helping them to evade taxes, launder money and prevent leaks.

One day, state structures go on the trail of a mysterious genius, and Wolfe, in order not to arouse suspicion, gets a regular job and tries to lead the life of an average American. True, this turns out to be not as easy as it seemed – in a large and completely legal company there are no less problems with the law, and hired killers and FBI agents begin to hunt for Christian. The hero and his unwitting accomplice Dana Cummings have to enter into a difficult struggle for justice and their own lives.

After fights, chases and skirmishes, during which it turns out that Wolfe has a good command of weapons and hand-to-hand combat skills, the hero manages to deal with the villains, find his long-lost brother and do a lot of good deeds.

What is the meaning of the film The Accountant

The picture turned out to be quite heavy for perception – it has a lot of characters, storylines and flashbacks, but it is difficult to call it meaningless. Gavin O’Connor managed to create a film that raises many questions and leads to serious reflections on the meaning of some things.

Not like everyone else

The topic of autism is not new in modern cinema, but here it is revealed from an unexpected angle. The director shows the world through the eyes of the protagonist, brilliantly played by Ben Affleck – vulnerable, too sensitive and incomprehensible to others. Christian had to endure all the horrors that the outcasts face, but he continues to fight – for this he organizes his life with manic persistence. All movements are debugged to automatism and clearly calculated, and self-control is brought to perfection. The authors of the picture do not justify, but explain the lack of empathy and the icy calmness with which Wolfe cracks down on enemies – it seems that killing a person is no more difficult for him than deriving another formula. He does not feel anger or hatred towards them, but simply does what he must or sees fit.

From the point of view of professionalism, the hero can be called a genius. Christian easily multiplies six-digit numbers in his mind and sees behind dry numbers what is hidden from other people. But any genius comes with many side effects, which in the case of Wolfe are complicated by a severe psychological disorder.

Family values

A significant role in the formation of the character and personality of Christian was played by his father, but it turned out to be too controversial. Realizing that the boy would have a hard time, he did everything to teach him how to defend himself, but on the other hand, the methods of education were quite cruel. Perhaps if he had more carefully selected the keys to the mysterious mind of his son, he would feel happier. Although the man cannot be blamed for this either – left without a wife with two children in his arms, the stern military man began to educate them the way he could. In general, there are no less contradictions, skeletons in the closet and unpleasant memories in the Wolfe family than in any other, but its members have always loved each other in their own way, as evidenced by Christian’s meeting with his long-lost brother.

The meaning of the film’s ending

The finale of the picture The Accountant can be called an unconventional happy ending – the main villain is dead, and the hero has completed the mission assigned to him. At the same time, Christian remained what he was – a lonely man, detached from the world, who could not find complete understanding with others. He has a real disposition only for the same unfortunate, which is why he sponsors a medical center specializing in the treatment of neurological diseases.

Real heroes are supposed to go on stage and bow to applause, flashing a white-toothed smile. But Christian Wolfe remains an atypical hero to the end – he simply moves in his trailer to a new place, where numbers and an endless struggle with his own illness await him. The film will be primarily of interest to those who love psychology, as well as viewers with non-standard thinking. And he gives the rest the opportunity to look at life through the eyes of the main character – strange and brilliant, with a lot of complexes, but fair and noble in his own way.

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