Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The German film Knocking on Heaven’s Door by Thomas Jahn tells the story of two heroes who were connected by a fatal diagnosis. The characters in the film realize that they have only a few days left to live. What will they spend this time on? What values ​​do people come to the fore when they clearly understand that they are not eternal? What is the true meaning of the movie “Knockin’ on Heaven”? What did the director want to convey to the audience with the help of his film?

What is the movie “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” about?

Two men with different outlooks on life and different characters. Martin Brest. The hero lives for his pleasure, not paying attention to the rules and foundations of society. His opposite is Rudy Wurlitzer. The young man is accustomed to live, observing the letter of the law. What can be common between these characters? They were connected by a hospital ward and a diagnosis that thundered like a bolt from the blue.

A deadly disease does not leave men a chance for a long and happy life. Their time is limited. Martin has only a week left. A heart-to-heart talk between patients led to the fact that young people decided to escape from the hospital walls. They decided to head to the sea, since Rudy had never seen it.

Ahead of the characters waiting for a series of unimaginable and dangerous adventures. Car theft, gas station and bank robbery, police and gangster harassment. Martin and Rudy are trapped between two warring factions. But the heroes again and again manage to hide from their pursuers. Staying in a luxury hotel, terminally ill patients write lists of their most cherished desires. However, Martin and Rudy bitterly realize that most of the written points will never come true. But will the heroes be able to carry out their plan and see the sea for the last time?!

The meaning of the film “Knockin’ on Heaven”

Reviews of the film “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” are mixed. However, many viewers note that this tape made them reconsider their views on life. Nobody and nothing is forever. Our life is just a moment. Martin and Rudy, having learned about their fatal diagnoses, clearly understood that their time was limited. Did they think that they worked too little?! No. Each of them, despite the difference in life positions, began to remember his dream.

It is foolish to be afraid of the inevitable. The heroes were confronted with the fact that their life path is coming to an end. They did not have despair, panic, tantrums. Young people thought how interesting it would be to spend their remaining days. They filled them with exciting events, they wanted to catch up, to realize their dream. Realizing that many of their wishes would never come true, Martin and Rudy decided to take a chance.

The film “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” is about emotions, feelings, sensations. This film is about the fact that in everyday bustle we do not notice at what breakneck speed our life is rushing. Often we do not pay attention to our true desires, postponing them “for later.” What are we striving for? Why don’t we listen to our heart and inner voice?

Happiness is already inside you. You always need to remember this. Don’t give too much importance to the opinions of others. Sometimes it is useful to think about what a person would do if he was given a terminal diagnosis. He would immediately understand that all other problems are solvable, just do not need to focus on them all the attention.

The meaning of the movie “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” is that you need to live for today. You should not build grandiose plans for a distant bright future, limiting yourself to the present. The characters seem to laugh at themselves after learning about the fatal diagnosis. However, even in such a difficult situation, they did not give up and did not give up. They have no hope of recovery. But even this circumstance did not embarrass them and did not stop them. They decided to spend their remaining days “to the maximum”, remembering their most cherished dreams. The film “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” brings a smile through the tears, as the sad end of the film is inevitable.

The meaning of the ending of the film “Knockin’ on Heaven”

Beautiful final scene. Heroes go to their sea. They go to their dream. Young people understood the main thing in their lives. No need to run your way at breakneck speed. It is important to stop, look around and understand what exactly you want. Do you like the job you go to every day. Does the activity you are doing bring you satisfaction? Do you need these difficult relationships that you cannot break for many years.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” is that despite life’s difficulties, circumstances should never betray your dream. Never give up and go with the flow. In pursuit of illusory benefits, one should not deprive oneself of a chance for true happiness. Everyone needs to live their life in such a way that at the end of the path a person does not get hurt and offended for aimless days and even years.

The emotional touching film “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” focuses on the true desires and priorities of the characters. Only after learning about the fatal diagnosis, young people begin to appreciate the time measured out to them. Our life is in our hands. It depends only on us what it will be. It is foolish to be angry at fate and luck. We are the creators of our own happiness. In any situation and under any circumstances.

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