Jumanji Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The picture, released in 1995, was based on a book by a children’s writer. The director, inspired by the fascinating story of children who find themselves in a world of dangerous adventures due to the indifference of adults, made a film that was a great success at the box office. However, this fairy tale is not just an interesting movie, but also an instructive story about how to find mutual understanding between adults and children.

What is the movie Jumanji about?

The story begins with an episode in which two teenagers bring a chest to the forest to bury it there. When the procedure comes to an end and the artifact is almost hidden, strange sounds begin to come from it, reminiscent of tom-toms. Because of this, one of the guys panics, but the second one forces him to finish the job and they hurriedly leave.

A century later, a boy named Alan finds the chest. The teenager is sure that he has found a valuable treasure, but it turns out to be a game called Jumanji. Deciding to play it with his girlfriend Sara Whittle, Alan rolled the dice. The sign on the field flashed: “We will throw you into the jungle until five or eight come out,” and the boy is sucked into the game.

26 years later, and in the long-empty mansion of Alan’s parents, Peter and Judy move in with their aunt. The kids find Jumanji and start playing. Strange creatures appear in the house, and then Alan, who has become an adult. Once in the world of reality, Alan learns about the death of his parents, the ruin of their factory. The young man decides to end the game, but he fails, because the next move must be made by Sarah. Having found the girl, the company completes the game, having experienced many adventures. Because of this, time is rewinding back 26 years.

Alan and Sarah are teenagers again, but have now drowned Jumanji in a river by tying a rock to it. They change everything in their lives. Having matured and become a couple, they do not allow the ruin of the factory. Meanwhile, the game is thrown onto the seashore, where it is picked up by two girls who speak French.

Meaning of the movie Jumanji

The picture was enjoyed by both adults and children – this is the result of the talented work of the director’s team. In the work on the film, they managed to maintain a balance between the two genres and make something between a horror film and a fairy tale.

Film attraction

Many tried to shoot a picture-quest with a dynamic plot, but it was the director Jumanji who really succeeded. The audience was amazed, stunned, bewitched by a magical, vibrant world filled with incredible creatures and plants. The film cannot be attributed to either the horror genre or the classic adventure – a mixture of frightening special effects and unexpected plot twists makes you feel fear, but not horror. The action does not go beyond the game, the attraction, but it does not look primitive and predictable either.

The atmosphere of the picture is supported by pictures of game chaos, effectively bursting from the world of fantasy into reality. Monkeys on a motorcycle, a crazy hunter, wild animals in the living room, hungry creepers make an incredible impression. Watching the attack of crazy plants on the characters or the scene of the flood, the audience is sincerely worried, because all these tragic events look very authentic.

The plot draws you into the game, making you wait with bated breath for every new move of the characters, every minute of the mystical attraction. Before the eyes of a stunned spectator, a mysterious board game turns into a reality full of dangerous tasks, the failure of which threatens with dire consequences. The only way to stay alive is to go to the end through the entire playing field. This anticipation of chilling adventures makes the viewer become an accomplice of on-screen events.

A story of mutual understanding

The storyline, showing the relationship of people, fills the picture with deep meaning, makes you think. It is impossible not to sympathize with the boy who disappeared from home many years ago, and when he returned, he did not find his parents alive. Scenes where the grown-up Alan finds in the changed world only the graves of his relatives and a ruined factory, fall into the very heart, excite the senses, remind of true values. Viewers involuntarily think about relationships with loved ones, because the main character disappeared from reality, not having time to make peace with his father after a stupid quarrel. Alan only understands with age that he was only wished for good and happiness, however, the boy did not appreciate this at the time and bitterly regretted it later.

The picture teaches to be kind, honest, merciful and courageous. Only these qualities will lead to luck not only in the game, but also in life. No wonder Peter, who decided to cheat, almost turned into a monkey – this is a completely understandable message for children. Highly moral deeds turn out to be right, even if it is difficult to make a decision, which means that evil and injustice will always be punished. After viewing the picture, it becomes clear how fragile life can be, and how elusive time can be.

The meaning of the film’s ending

Promising continuation of the ending of the story excites no less than the beginning. Spectator fantasy draws many options for the development of events. Everyone has his own – someone is sure that you can’t get involved in unfamiliar games, pick up unusual objects, be interested in mystical things. And others know for sure that only healthy curiosity, an inquisitive mind and the ability to be surprised can make life truly interesting.

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