Geostorm Ending Explained & Film Analysis

In 2019, a number of natural disasters hit our planet: tornadoes, warming weather, floods. Mankind had to join forces to create a system to control the weather. It was a network of orbiting satellites that controlled the weather on the planet and ensured the safety of the population. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Everything did not go as the creators planned. The Earth defense system itself has now become a threat to the planet.

What is the movie “Geostorm” about?

The colossal size of devastating disasters that endangered the lives of the entire population of the planet forced 18 powers to unite to create measures to prevent a catastrophe. An anti-elemental system was created – “Dychboy”. These are a network of satellites that control the planet’s weather, keeping massive disasters at bay from the destructive forces of the climate. A multinational crew led by Jake Lawson, the creator of the system, is working aboard the climate space station. However, due to the violent nature of the hot-tempered Jake Lawson, he is suspended. To replace the engineer, command of the crew was entrusted to his brother Max, who, unlike his brother, is calm and reserved.

3 years have passed. The defense system seemed to be doing its job of controlling the weather. But the UN detachment, being in Afghanistan, discovers a terrible phenomenon: the village, along with the inhabitants, was covered with ice. An emergency meeting was called at the White House by the President of the United States. It turned out that the satellite that is responsible for the weather in Afghanistan has failed. This caused the whole village to freeze. Edru Palma, the President of the United States, proposes to keep this incident classified so as not to cause a showdown with other countries that are involved in this project. But Max Lawson is categorically against it. In his opinion, they are obliged to take responsibility and eliminate malfunctions in the work of Dychboy. In order to fix the work of the protective system, it was decided to send Jake to the station. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, the temperature reaches maximum levels. This phenomenon caused a gas leak. As a result, half of the city was destroyed.

At the station, the crew wants to pick up a faulty satellite. But the system destroys it. All data from this satellite is blocked. If the malfunction is not eliminated, then the planet will suffer from a Geostorm – massive disasters that will begin to occur throughout the planet in a chain reaction. This will lead to the death of millions of people.

No one is able to access information on a failed satellite. Not even Max, the man in charge of Dycheboy. After a series of futile attempts to gain access and find the reason for the failure, Jake comes to the conclusion that there is a person in the White House who is involved in this whole situation. He even suspects that they tried to kill him.

Jake and Ute discover that the entire system is infected with a virus. They suspect the president. To restore Dychboy’s work, you need to reboot the entire system. But this requires a secret code that only the president himself knows.

The virus infects the station, preparing the entire mechanism for self-destruction. Jake finds the same secret agent who started the process of self-destruction. The crew is evacuated, but Jake decides to stay at the station. He wants to see for himself that the system reboot to troubleshoot Dychboy is successful.

At the nearest NASA facility, where Max and Sarah escorted the President, it became known that the Geostorm could be prevented. But the destruction of the station cannot be stopped. At the station, Jake manages to wait for the reboot. He managed to achieve the prevention of the Geostorm. Together with Ute, they manage to take cover to escape the explosion.

Movie Ending Explained

Six months have passed. Jake managed to ensure that he was returned to Dychboy in his former position – as an engineer. The film ends with Hannah’s story. In her words, no one is able to influence their past in any way, to change it. But people have a chance to change the future.

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