Femme Fatale Ending Explained & Film Analysis

To date, you can find a lot of interesting films, everyone will choose their favorite topic, it can be drama, detective, horror, thrillers, comedies. Crime films and thrillers are especially popular among women. Film Femme Fatale can be attributed to such genres as thriller, crime, detective, erotic thriller. The film was shot in 2002, the main character Laura takes part in the theft of jewelry, skillfully deceives her accomplices and runs away to Paris. There, she accidentally runs into a girl who looks very much like her and who commits suicide. Laura has a great opportunity to take advantage of this, she passes off the deceased as herself.

Seven years later, she returns to Paris under a new name as the wife of the US ambassador to France. However, the former accomplices in robbery still continue their search and want to find the impudent lady who stole their jewelry. Interestingly, the role of Laura was originally offered to Uma Thurman, but she could not participate in this film due to the fact that she was pregnant.

Filming took place in Paris and Cannes, which provides a beautiful picture. The main role of Laura Ashley is played by Rebecca Romijn, Antonio Banderas, Edouard Montand and other famous actors also play in the film. However, many note that this is an unsuccessful project for the director, because before that Brian de Palma made world-famous films that are considered classics – this is Scarface, Mission Impossible, Carlito’s Way, and Femme Fatale is almost the worst film, which is recognized by many critics.

The film begins in the spirit of all the director’s films, a daring theft of diamonds, a deception of thieves. Deceived accomplices want to find their accomplice, but the whole film is saturated with trash according to people who managed to watch it. It is full of ridiculous accidents that are very difficult to pass off as the truth, so many took it as a cheap fiction, for example, that Laura runs into the daughter of wealthy parents in Paris, who, just before her eyes, commits suicide.

There are too many coincidences for a good film, for example, that Laura flees to the States, and changes into business class on the plane, meets a rich man who marries her. At the same time, the heroine does not tell her husband anything, although she understands that accomplices are still looking for her in Paris, but at the same time she was not interested in the police, who also had to remember her.

The film fully corresponds to its title, because the main character turns out to be a femme fatale who is able to completely change her life, take on a new identity, and avoid the revenge of her partners. The film is full of accidents, surprises, but in the end it comes to a logical ending. Many who have already managed to watch this picture note that it is fully consistent with the criminal genre, and also fits the definition of a thriller. The film keeps you tense, but at the same time, many believe that there are a lot of ridiculous coincidences, that the director did not finish the plot. At the same time, the actors perfectly perform their roles, and the play of the main characters, including Antonio Banderas, was noted by critics.

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