Malignant Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The plot of this film Malignant (2021): a girl named Madison is going through difficult times in her marriage: her husband periodically beats her and foul language, but she still hopes to save this family by having a baby. She is pregnant and really hopes that she will be able to bear the child and give birth to him healthy, and not lose him, as in previous times. Robbers get into her apartment and kill her husband, and she herself, trying to save her life, runs away from the robber and, due to such terrible stress and fear, loses her child. Some time later, her sister helps her survive this tragedy. But Madison is periodically tormented by sleepy visions that the killer deals with other victims in the same bloody manner as with her husband. Madison begins to realize that the man who killed her husband most likely has something to do with her past and is trying to figure it out as quickly as possible.

What is the point of this movie? HE, first of all, reveals the features of the human psyche. When we experience some terrible event that concerns our lives, it seems to us that we are directly related to this and are almost the main culprit of the tragedy (if something irreparable happened). Especially when the person who died was not the last person in our life. The psyche begins to be built in such a way that it causes hallucinations that are very similar to the truth. So Madison began to have dreams that didn’t look like dreams at all and resembled a horror movie with her participation in the title role.

The film has a lot of bloody scenes in which nails are pulled out, spines and ribs are broken, and mutations in human development are shown. This is done so that the viewer is as deeply imbued with the atmosphere as possible and delved into the plot, became interested in it. Also, a person is very interested in who killed whom and how, how the plot develops, how the director worked with the cameraman, how the screenwriter distinguished himself while working on the project. There is no direct meaning in the film, there is only a reminder that it is necessary to protect the person in oneself and try to preserve humanity in others. Then, perhaps, humanity will be much easier to live.

The audience is wondering if the second part of this story will come out, because the plot itself is very interesting and exciting. There are various rumors, but most likely there will be no continuation of this story, because the box office receipts are negligible – in two days the film was released in theaters, only $ 15 million was collected. Despite the fact that more than 40 million were spent on filming the project. The project did not shoot and turned out to be completely unprofitable, so most likely there will be no continuation of this story.

Audiences have mixed opinions about this movie. Someone really liked him down to the off-screen trifles – the work of the cameraman, various details, images, special effects, makeup and clothes. What can we say about the acting and the idea of ​​the film! Many viewers enthusiastically speak about this film director’s work and are looking forward to continuing. Some viewers say that they just wasted their time watching the film – the work of the director and screenwriter requires more edits, and the project itself is unsuccessful. There are a lot of mistakes and inaccuracies, and the plot is completely standard and uninteresting. It’s a one time movie and nothing more. Yes, the audience was divided into two camps. You have to watch this movie to understand your feelings about this movie. After watching it, it is easier to decide whether you would like to watch it again or not.

One way or another, the film is worth your attention, because it shows how a person who survived the tragedy of losing a loved one turns into a murderer himself and simply begins to avenge his pain. The problem of psychology is revealed very well and deserves the attention of every viewer.

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