Dark Waters Ending Explained & Film Analysis

This is a story about the importance of social justice, where everything matters. Corporate lawyer, Robert Billot learns that a popular and world-famous corporation is brazenly polluting the environment with its waste. He learns about this from a farmer who turned to him for help to stop pollution. Robert, when he hears what company he is talking about, refuses to do so. Then the farmer, who tells him this story, begins to describe what the local population has to endure. Robert remembers his childhood, which he spent in the same places where this farmer came from and decides to help these people after all. To restore justice, he will spend 20 years looking for evidence and influential details.

As it turned out, for almost half a century, the company has been pouring dangerous substances into water bodies that provoke the development of cancer. Robert is interested in what will happen to the human body if you drink such contaminated water. The answer shocked him: the same thing if you swallowed a piece of rubber. The substance that enters the body destroys it from the inside, and the person slowly dies, seriously ill.

The story is based on real events. Every day our planet dies because no one cares about it. The earth is buried in waste, garbage, a lot of animals and plants die, cataclysms occur more and more often, more and more diseases are found in people. And the main goal of all corporations and companies is to make money in production, and where the waste will go is the tenth thing. Few people think about where to dump waste so that they do not harm people and the environment, so often everything goes into the ground or ends up in drinking water, which people then eat. This ends with deadly diseases and torments of humanity, which carries a lot of toxic substances in itself and gives these green lights to new viruses and bacteria.

The film has a very important mission – to remind humanity that we need to keep the place where we live clean. We are just guests on this planet. No one thinks what will happen after death, because the main thing is that at this time there is enough fresh water and what to eat. What will happen next and where the next generation will come is of little concern to anyone. Such a policy and way of thinking leads us to the fact that children and young people die, incurable diseases appear, because each person thinks about his own benefits. Nobody cares how the generations that will appear on earth in 50 years will live.

The film is designed to stop the catastrophe that humanity can expect in the near future. But let’s admit to ourselves: are films on environmental themes capable of changing a person’s thinking, which has been built and formed over many years and was laid down by parents who were brought up in the same way? Something must happen that will turn their minds upside down and they will understand that it is impossible to live like this any longer. You can reduce plastic consumption, build enough recycling plants, just start educating people about the consequences of their actions. These steps will already give some results – people will at least start picking up garbage and carrying it to the bin. The next steps could be tight control over the work of factories and tracking the process of waste disposal – where they are sent and what they do with them. For illegal actions – a fine and severe punishment. The authorities should monitor how they protect the ecology of the territory, how they take care of nature and whether production harms the population. Perhaps then the planet will begin to return to its previous state and it will be easy to breathe on it and want to live.

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