The Gulf Ending Explained & Film Analysis

3D Animated Short Film Le Gouffre by Lightning Boy Studio. The film The Gulf (2014) can be attributed to the category of films that teach to overcome oneself. It’s a 2014 movie, so it’s relatively new. It’s not made like a normal movie, it’s a computer animation. In those years, it was already possible to make such films. By the way, “Toy Story” (1995) was already a masterpiece of an animated film. Then Pixar did their best. And he set the development vector for further animated films.

In the beginning, we see a young traveler running through a mountain landscape. Rare trees grow around. One on one with nature. Then his friend appears in the frame, with whom they travel through the mountains. And here they are in front of a big cliff. A broken wooden bridge is located on the edge of a precipice. A friend of a young man is walking along the wreckage of the bridge. He keeps his balance well, going to the last sticking board and walking along it the word tightrope walker. But still, forward break. On the other side, young people see a beautiful clearing. There is a large mill, next to which there are stone buildings. Before them is fertile land.

People work in the field, cultivating their beds. This is an idyll. Peaceful life of farmers. A young girl in a red dress comes to the edge of The Gulf and examines the wreckage of the bridge. Her face is calm and serene. She looks over the bridge. And there is a clearing with rare trees, wooden fragments of buildings, boulders lying on the ground. But behind that, through the misty haze, is a huge wall. Perhaps the girl is thinking about what is behind her. The frame goes back to the young people. The guys are tying planks to build a bridge. The young man who was first shown in the film takes a piece of white cloth.

It flutters in the wind and the girl in the red dress sees it. But she’s on the other side of the cliff. The guys continue to build the bridge. They put a boulder on one end of it. And they walk forward across the bridge. It is unfinished and wobbles. After checking it, the guys take their axes and leave. They look satisfied with the work done. In the forest, they are felling trees to complete the bridge. They are looked at from the other side. The girl waves in a friendly manner. But the farmer, next to her. glares at them gloomily.

The guys tied the bridge support to a tree to make it strong. They carry trees over the completed part of the bridge, making it bigger. The Gulf will soon be crossed. With the help of ropes, fastenings are made so that the bridge stands firmly. Then they made a stone counterweight, securely fixing the structure. The bridge is ready. And one of the guys fires a flare gun. Red fireworks hung in the air.

But something is wrong. Thunderstorm. Suddenly the viewer is shown a bridge. There seems to be no hope. This is a shock for the especially impressionable. A glade with a girl and farmers is on a rock that is higher than them. Everything seems to be gone. Maybe the guys just had the energy of youth, which had nowhere to go. Otherwise, why build a bridge if it will be much lower than the platform on another rock?

But then it turns out that the design is not as simple as it seems. No wonder the guys sewed white fabric to the edges of the bridge. She worked like a parachute when there was a thunderstorm and raised the bridge. The travelers quickly ran across the bridge. Thunderstorm rumbled. Lightning struck the bridge. The girl was watching them. She then grabbed the fastening rope and held the bridge so that the guys could get over the bridge. But one of the young guys did not have time to run. Realizing that he was doomed, he fired a farewell firework. The fate of the second is unknown. He stood on one of the mounts, trying to save a friend. How did it all end? Unclear. But the farmers and the girl, seeing the fireworks, thought. that the travelers were saved. The girl looked hopefully into the sky, where red fireworks hung.

Even if there is no chance, you need to try to escape. Maybe the movie The Gulf is about this. This ten-minute short film has a deep meaning.

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