The Truman Show Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The Truman Show is an amazing film that has long become a real classic of cinema. Jim Carrey as Truman is amazing! Such lively emotions, perhaps, no one could give out. Therefore, you want to watch and revise the picture again and again. But what is the meaning of this picture? What did the creator of this, let’s not be afraid of this title, a work of art want to convey to us? We will try to analyze this film for meaning. We are sure that connoisseurs of good cinema will definitely appreciate it!

The plot of the movie “The Truman Show”

The plot of the film is very unusual. We are watching Truman, whose life around him is a show that he does not even suspect he is participating in. Without exaggeration, his whole life is the largest reality show, watched by millions of viewers around the world. From birth, Truman was under the constant gaze of television cameras. Now, when Truman grew up, he began to notice that his life was far from ideal.

Note that, in fact, his world is ideal: good neighbors, friends, a caring wife, but this is all fake. Relatives are actors, the city is scenery, random passers-by are extras. Then he begins to understand that he wants something new in life. The city of “Sea Paradise” can no longer give a man what he wants – love and pleasure from life. The only girl he was truly in love with was removed from the project because she didn’t follow the plot. Now Truman is ready to overcome everything for her.

In one moment he understands everything. His whole life is a show, now Truman is sure of it. He makes desperate attempts to escape, and he succeeds, albeit with severe pain. At the very end, near the wall of the studio, he talks to the creator of the show, who promises the man everything he wants. But Truman finally got everything he dreamed of – freedom. He leaves the studio and runs to look for the one that made his heart beat faster and faster. Truman is finally free, and the show with him is closed.

The meaning of the movie “The Truman Show”

In fact, the filmmakers did not stint on putting really eternal and wise themes into the plot. We list the main ones to make it easier for you to navigate them.

The theme of freedom. Truman was interested in the world all his life. Not “Sea Paradise”, but the rest of the world. Due to the “death of his father” in the water, he is afraid to leave the island, where the city is located. But freedom has always been desirable for him. That is why we see this beautiful aspiration among the main ones.

The theme of true love. The hero is truly in love. No, not into a fake actress wife, but into an extra girl. And she loved him. And in the search for the one he finds real life. The poor actress who won Truman’s heart always wanted to save him, but the huge corporation behind the show wouldn’t let Truman reveal the truth about his birth and life. But the power of love can overcome even this difficulty.

The theme of a person’s purpose in life. Truman always wanted to be something more than a typical family man, staying in one place all his life. He saw the goal – freedom and love, so he strove for them. Life without a goal did not please Truman, because he is a dreamer, which is why he ran away forever.

The theme of “ideal world”. It would seem, why should Truman look for a real world, if absolutely all the conditions for life are created around him? His life seems to be perfect. Near friends, wife, his city has no problems and crime – it’s all a real paradise. But Truman is still not comfortable in this place, because here he simply has no goal. He wants to travel, but there is no such possibility, he wants to fall in love for real, and his girlfriend is taken away forever. Truman simply has nowhere to “grow” – he is stuck in his position. Can this be the good life? The man almost always understood that life in the Sea Paradise was not for him. It is a pity that he realized this only at a mature age.

And this is not all that the creator of this masterpiece wanted to say! However, the viewer must take other values ​​out of the film on their own, because they are individual. We have listed those that are common to any category of viewer. We hope you enjoyed it!

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