Meaning of MAMMAMIA y Måneskin & Song Story

What is the meaning of the song “MAMMAMIA” by Maneskin? Maneskin is an Italian rock band with 4 members. They owe their popularity to three competitions – X Factor, the Sanremo festival and Eurovision 2021, in which the group took first place. Together with the victory for Italy, the group was successful all over the world. Several of their songs remain popular to this day, and the group continues to shock listeners and viewers with scandalous videos and provocative lyrics.

On October 20, the band’s fans were able to listen to their new song “Mammamia” and appreciate the video, which is still discussed on the Internet as one of the most shocking. Just half a day since the release of the video, it took him 1.5 million views.

The plot of the video is as follows – the soloist of the group Damiano David bothers the rest and the guys are trying to get rid of him in the most sophisticated ways. Surprisingly, most of the positive feedback was left by the EU-US fans of the Maneskin group.

The meaning of the song “MAMMAMIA”

Let’s see what’s so scandalous in the text of the song. It all starts rather strangely – with cries of “mama mia” and sighs. The soloist tells us that he feels hot and excited, drum beats are heard somewhere. He demands to call the police because someone stole his good mood and fun. And then it turns out that he is locked in the police car. Now the guy is torn to freedom with all his might. More screams and sighs. It seems to him that nothing happened, but the police are sure that something illegal has happened. Everyone is watching him, he feels like the center of attention. But then he admits that he thought it was all a carnival.

The chorus begins with new screams and sighs, which, as you and I understand, is normal and will often be repeated throughout the song. And then there are frank hints at the future bed scene. The singer is on his knees and can’t wait until someone unknown to us allows us to “try himself”. He offers to talk about the limits of his or her desires and states that he would like to cross the line of acceptable. And again “mama mia”.

The second verse begins with the same sighs and cries. Back to our overly intimate scenes. Someone tries to touch the soloist, but protests, teases, as if this is not for him. Then he admires himself – how hot he is, how he will burn this place to the ground. We return to the subject of arrest again. The hero claims that he was just having fun and did nothing illegal. All his “hotness” is not from drugs or alcohol, but simply because he is Italian. Then the chorus is repeated.

Then the bridge appears before us, which essentially consists of only two phrases that are repeated several times. The hero directly says that he is ready to fulfill any order, because he gets real pleasure from this. For him, the partner remains the main thing and it is his sighs and cries that excite the hero. The chorus is repeated again. The song ends on the outro. It repeats many times the wish of the hero to “spit on him with their love.”

If you think about it, the lyrics of the song are really frank. An unprepared person should not read the translation at all. After all, the whole song is saturated with the spirit of intimacy and intimacy on a physical level. Recognizing the meaning, it becomes a little incomprehensible why the video for such a passionate song was chosen with such a bloody video sequence. It remains only to guess.

Many viewers, by the way, noticed the similarity of the song with “Zitti e buoni”, which the guys presented at Eurovision 2021. Indeed, the similarity with the melody can be traced, but the songs still sound quite different. What to expect from Maneskin next?

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