Knock Knock Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film Knock Knock is a thriller. The film was released in early 2015 and was directed by Eli Roth. At its core, this is a new look at the film Knock Knock, released under the leadership of Peter Traynor. The cast of the film is mostly notorious actors.

The plot of the movie

The action revolves around a fairly successful architect Evan Webber. He is also a happy husband and father. But due to a heavy workload and a serious injury, he is forced to spend the entire weekend at home alone. Although initially the plans involved a trip to the beach with the whole family. His wife does not want to spoil the weekend for the children and goes on vacation with them. She herself is a busy person – for several years she has been drawing. She leaves Lewis, her secretary, to help her husband. In addition to the two men, a dog named Monkey.

And now, at the height of the weekend, two women are knocking at the Webbers’ house. They claim they are looking for a house where the party is to be held and ask to be allowed to use the phone or internet. The girls begin to behave strangely, and at the time the driver arrives, they lock themselves in the bathroom. Evan tries to persuade them to leave, but all his conversations end in betrayal with both at once.

After the incident, the man discovered that the sculpture, the main work of his wife, was destroyed. He tries to rein in the girls with the police, but they claim that they are underage and this can turn into problems for Evan. At this time, his wife’s best friend comes to visit him and finds these three. She is very angry because her friend was betrayed and leaves. Then the man decides to report that the girls were in the house illegally. It works and they leave.

Evan is trying to get the house in order and get to work. The project is about to end, as something loudly makes noise in the living room. The man finds a frame containing a family portrait. She lies on the floor, broken to pieces. But his eyes darkened. It turned out that it was one of the girls who hit him with one of his wife’s works. The second one dresses up as a schoolgirl and tries to wake her up. Evan wakes up and tries to free himself, but the girls threaten him with a video call to his wife. He has to agree and is raped. The second girl records everything on camera. Evan manages to throw off one of them, but the second one manages to disarm him. Then he is tied to a chair.

The wife’s assistant comes to their house to pick up the finished work and sees Evan in this position. He also sees girls who sneer at the fragments of the sculpture. The man rushes to help, but he has an asthma attack. In horror, he realizes that the inhaler somehow ended up with the intruders. He tries to fight, but slips and, having stumbled on a fragment, falls and breaks his head. The girls make a sculpture out of the body, and they dig a grave for Evan in the backyard. They also use Evan’s phone to make him the killer. They write to their wife, as if he knew about the betrayal on her part. And then Evan is in the grave, only his head remains above the ground.

But then the girls explain that all this is “just a game”, and no one was going to kill him. Plus, they’re both adults. They are in a group that destroys families with children, this is a hobby for them. It turned out that the video with sexual intercourse had already been uploaded to social networks. The girls take the dog with them and go to the next victim. The wife and children return, they find everything in a terrible state. But there is also another ending in which Evan took revenge on the offenders.

The meaning of the film

What is the meaning of the movie Knock Knock by Eli Roth. To some extent, the film Knock Knock is a mockery of married men who are unreasonably dissatisfied with some aspect of family life. In this case, the hero was unhappy with the relationship in bed. It makes you wonder if it’s worth risking your happiness for momentary gratification. Each of them should think about the next time his mistress calls at the door, but does he really need it? In the modern world, when the boundaries of the family have been erased, when free relations are being promoted, it is this film that shows us what this is fraught with. You can call the picture a drop of prudence in today’s “crazy” society.

However, the film has several shortcomings. It’s a little hard to watch because of the abrupt change of events and the abundance of details. In addition, the scale of destruction is more like the results of hostilities than two girls.

Yes, the hero let two girls into his house. But is treason such a serious crime that he paid too high a price for such a thing. But on the other hand, Evan deserved it. If he was not satisfied with life with his wife in bed, what was the problem with getting a divorce! While the wife spends the weekend with the children, which, by the way, is a lot of work, the man decided to “tip the horns” of the woman. Why she deserved such treatment with herself is not very clear. The film once again makes you think about the role of the family and the significance of marriage.

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