Curse of the Nun Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The film takes place in Romania, in the middle of the last century. Two acolytes head for an ancient relic. They are attacked by an invisible evil entity. One of the nuns is seriously injured, she gives the second key and begs to finish the job. A wounded woman is drawn in by a gate beyond which there is no God. A novice of the monastery is saved from an invisible force. The entity frightens the novice in the form of a nun.

Victoria commits suicide by hanging, her corpse is discovered by a villager. He sometimes brings food to the monastery. The Vatican learns about what happened and sends the nun Irene and the clergyman Anthony Burke to the monastery of Saint Map. They are to investigate the incident. They come to Romania to the monastery of St. Carta and meet a villager named Frenchy, who discovered the body of a nun. The couple asks for help. He shows them the dead body and notices that it has changed position. The priest takes the key from the dead nun.

In the monastery, visitors are advised to spend the night in an attached monastery. Frenchy heads to the village and is attacked by a demon, but manages to escape. Anthony has dinner with Irene and tells her that he performed an exorcism, but the boy Daniel, in whom the essence was, died. The girl tells him that as a child she was haunted by visions. At night, Burke sees the ghost of Daniel, who beckons him to the cemetery. The nun notices the disappearance of the priest, she sees a vision and saves Burke in the cemetery. Local nuns tell them that they are constantly reciting prayers, changing each other to keep the demon inside. Anthony learns the name of the entity – Valak. He realizes that there is a demon in the nun. Irene is locked up in the convent of Victoria. H

and the priest is attacked by the ghost of a boy, but he guesses that this entity takes on different guises. Frenchy comes to the monastery to help the clergyman deal with the entity. Thanks to the nun Oana, Sister Victoria manages to escape from the demon. Sister Irene begins to pray in the chapel along with the rest of the nuns to prevent evil from breaking out of the monastery. The demon scatters the novices of the monastery on different sides, only Irene does not move from her place and prays. The entity burns a pentagram on the girl’s back. Frenchy and Anthony run into the chapel, they notice that only she and Irene are alive here. They realize that Irene has been reading the prayer alone all the time. All whom they saw around – they are dead, visions were created by Valak.

In order to stop the demon, they need the blood of Christ, which is in the relic. Burke raises Irene’s status to a nun – abbess. They open the mysterious door with the slain nun’s key and take the relic. The girl is attacked by a nun, then she is pulled into the symbol of Solomon’s seal and the demon takes possession of Irene’s body. Burke is approached by a crowd of faceless novices, he defends himself by lighting a cross in front of him. Frenchy, a local resident, searches for Irene, but the demon attacks him. He smears the girl’s face with the blood of Christ and Valak immediately leaves her body. At this time, the wounded priest is attacked by the ghost of a boy. The nun takes the cross out of the relic and swallows it. The entity is sure that the girl is dead, but the nun spits the blood of Christ into the face of the evil entity.

The rift is sealed, the demon is heading to hell. Exhausted and exhausted, the nun faints, Frenchie helps her, provides artificial respiration. She thanks him. Frenchy tells the girl that his real name is Maurice. They leave the territory of the monastery. It is discovered that the demon left his part in Maurice. The guy has an inverted crucifix on the back of his head. Twenty years pass, the girl Carolyn Perron sees a video on which the rite of exorcism is filmed. The evil entity is expelled from the body of a man named Maurice, who has inverted crucifixes all over his body. In the video, Lorraine and Ed Warren are trying to exorcise a possessed demon, Maurice grabs the girl by the hand and shows her her husband’s death. An investigation into the Perron family’s farm begins.

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