Dark Web: Cicada 3301 Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Have you ever wondered what the other side of the Internet hides? Maybe there are prohibited materials there? What if there is compromising information on every inhabitant of the Earth? Nobody can answer for sure, but we can tell about one phenomenon for sure. In 2012, the whole world was swept by a wave called Dark Web: Cicada 3301. This group of anonymous users set up a real quest, which required extraordinary knowledge in almost all areas. Only the smartest could pass it. And, of course, because of the popularity of Dark Web: Cicada 3301, a movie was made based on it, showing their quest from a slightly different side. We would like to talk about the meaning of this picture in this article.

Meaning of the movie title

I think the meaning of the introduction has already been understood, but we will repeat. Dark Web: Cicada 3301 is a group of users who anonymously posted riddles on the Internet or. modern language, quests. They assumed that the participants had extraordinary knowledge in programming, literature, history, and so on. Only the smartest could reach the end. And, in fact, there was such a person. Markus Wanner, one of the winners of the quest, said that this group of users was created by creating a truly anonymous messenger. The quest was just a game that they had fun watching. Who knows, maybe those words were just part of their new game. However, no new puzzles have appeared since 2017.

There are a huge number of imitators all over the world. But their attempts to imitate the Cicada are insignificant. What these users created is unique. Probably no one will ever be able to find the same mystery as they do. There are still rumors that Dark Web: Cicada 3301 is a government-sponsored project that aims to find the smartest people on the planet. Like it or not, we will never know.

The meaning of the film

The plot, in general, very much repeats what existed in real life. Dark Web: Cicada 3301 is starting to host a quest of amazing scale and complexity. To solve it, you need to travel the world, as well as to have an intellect of the highest level. Probably only a few percent of the world’s population is capable of this. So the brilliant hacker Connor and his friends set off on a digital trail in search of a solution. However, the NSA agents are also not ready to give up, so they are trying to get ahead of them.

What is the main meaning of this picture? Probably everyone can find it on their own. For some, it will consist in the very idea of ​​solving the mystery, for some, in exposing the society of Dark Web: Cicada 3301, and for someone, in investigating Cicada’s involvement in state secrets. Absolutely every viewer will be able to develop their own point of view on these issues.

What is the meaning of the movie Dark Web: Cicada 3301?

By the way, the ending of the film deserves special attention. It may be incomprehensible to many, but in order to understand it, it is worth realizing the significance of Dark Web: Cicada 3301 for all mankind. Man is arranged in such a way that comprehension of the world’s mysteries is his main task. First, people explored nature and its phenomena, then – evolution, after – the presence of an alien life form. And it is in this cycle that the secret of the Cicada lies. Why did she appear there? Who pushed darknet users to create it? No one will know or our heroes just have to do it? You will not tell in advance, you will find out everything yourself.

We only note that Dark Web: Cicada 3301 is not a film for everyone. Not every resident is ready to put together in his head a real chain of causes and effects while watching. But in the relationship of the characters, their clues and further relationship with the Cicada, the real clue is hidden. Not everyone understands it, but that’s okay. Dark Web: Cicada 3301 Society has never sought to be understood by everyone. It fought to make true intelligence the real clue. And he succeeded, because several people nevertheless completed this quest, the scale of which covered our entire planet, as well as the Internet, telephony, history, and much, much more.

The creators of the riddles did the incredible – they went beyond the boundaries of our planet, because many phenomena do not belong to it. They were able to show that humanity still has much to learn. The human mind is the highest value, and this is the thought they put into their creation.

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