Black Box Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Many are wondering what is the meaning of the movie Black Box. This film is a detective drama, where the causes of a large plane crash are being investigated. The film is French and starring famous actor Pierre Ninet. It is known that over the Alps there is a wreck of the liner, which followed from Dubai to Paris. Several hundred people, passengers and crew died. This disaster needs to be investigated as soon as possible, because journalists ask a lot of questions. All the disaster investigation bureaus are thrown to decipher the Black Box’s message.

Analyst Mathieu decided not to be involved in this process, because he has too sharp a hearing, many colleagues believe that he likes to think out what is not really there. Because of this approach, Mathieu was already mistaken, no one could make inaccuracies again. The hero is busy deciphering the black box of a crashed helicopter that was undergoing training tests. The analytics department submits the first data on the plane crash, which says that the stewardess brings breakfast to the cockpit, the terrorist enters the same place.

It turns out that the Egyptian who was on board had connections with various banned organizations. The whole investigation becomes complicated after the head of the investigation department suddenly disappears, and Mathieu himself realizes that his wife, who decided to move to a large airline that owned the plane, is hiding something important from him.

The director and screenwriter of this film has repeatedly raised the problem of secrecy, false information, he is trying to prove that some secrets are quite dangerous to reveal, but even more dangerous to keep them. The message in the black box can change the fate of many people, so no mistakes are allowed. Together with the main character, the audience can hear new details of the terrible disaster, and also draw their own conclusions. Gradually, the real truth becomes known, the director, before making the film, used a number of black boxes and re-read many investigations about air tragedies, about the crash of both small planes and airliners.

The process of decoding the recorder is shown quite accessible, it is also noted that when reading these boxes, some error may occur, since no one has canceled the human factor. Many note that this film could have been submitted as part of a mini-series, because the information is given quickly, the data changes. The investigation could have been shown in more detail, with special moments. In fact, this is a special psychological thriller, it keeps a person in suspense throughout the whole time.

There is drama here, but there are no special effects, the whole effect is achieved only through a special narrative. Very brightly, the director showed the hero himself, who is simply passionate about the truth. He draws logical conclusions, and is striking in how the development of the plot can change if a person is attentive to his work. The main thing is to try to get to the bottom of the truth by any means, so that the reason is established as accurately as possible, without any special reasons and delays.

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