What is the meaning of the movie 50 shades of gray

The American film “50 Shades of Grey” is based on the work of the same name by E.L. James. Some film critics are sure that the picture lost to the book on all counts. Others believe that “50 Shades of Gray” is a real masterpiece and that the director managed to create a truly magnificent work. One thing is for sure, that there is no indifference. What is this movie about? What is the meaning of 50 Shades of Grey?

What is 50 Shades of Gray about?

2011. Spring. May. Modest and reserved student Anastasia Steele studies at the Faculty of Literature. The girl lives with her classmate Katherine Kavanagh in Vancouver. Graduation is approaching. A week before the solemn event, Anastasia’s friend fell ill and asked a modest girl to replace her. The heroine will have to go to Seattle and interview the charming billionaire Christian Grey.

During the conversation, Anastasia felt uncomfortable, she could not find an approach to the self-confident handsome man. After the interview, the student was sure that she would never see a successful billionaire again. However, Christian unexpectedly appeared in the store where Anastacia was moonlighting. Gray bought duct tape, cable ties, and rope. The characters began to communicate. Gradually, the modest girl learned about the strange sexual hobbies of the billionaire. Anastacia became Christian’s obsession, the object of his obsession.

The heroine flew to the next meeting in Seattle in the rich man’s personal helicopter. After overcoming fears and doubts, Anastacia becomes Christian’s girlfriend. The billionaire’s lover will have to comprehend the secret of the “red room”, get acquainted with a strange contract and decide on the embodiment of fantasies that shock the imagination.

Meaning of 50 Shades of Grey.

Two characters, two different outlooks on life. Anastasia is a sensitive, gentle, modest girl. The heroine is focused on her studies, she is closed in herself, it is difficult to make contact with people. Christian is a self-confident, punchy and purposeful young man. He knows exactly what he wants to achieve in this life. “Opposites attract.” The movie “50 Shades of Grey” is about that.

Initially, the characters had different ideas about the ideal relationship. Anastasia is a romantic nature. She sincerely believes that a real relationship is a calm and sincere pastime. “Everything is like ordinary people.” Going to the cinema and theater, casual conversations, moonlight walks. She strives for what she saw in other couples. Anastasia is very worried that her relationship with Christian is different from what she imagined in her dreams.

Christian is the exact opposite of a shy girl in terms of ideal and sincere love. The hero speaks harshly and accurately. He does not need romantic courtship, nice gifts and sentimental conversations. Before meeting with Anastasia, Christian had never appeared in public with a beautiful person. Even despite the fact that a modest student managed to win the heart of an obstinate gentleman, Gray is afraid to admit it to himself. He tries to record his relationship. To do this, Anastacia offers to get acquainted with a strange contract, which spells out all the stages of love. Christian’s main condition is that their relationship must be a secret for everyone around.

Gradually, the characters begin to get to know each other better, they listen to the opinion of their chosen one. Anastacia and Christian are no longer so categorical in their views on relationships. The meaning of the film “50 Shades of Grey” is that initially incompatible characters learn to hear and understand each other. The billionaire managed to unleash the sexual potential of a shy student. Anastasia felt like a made woman. She revised her wardrobe, her appearance, her behavior. From the “gray mouse” the girl turned into a relaxed, passionate and self-confident woman.

Christian is trying to adapt to the ideals of the heroine. Despite his inner toughness, Gray occasionally starts dating. Anastacia is sure that gentle and romantic Christian is the true face of a billionaire. The film “50 Shades of Grey” is about what sacrifices a person who experiences strong deep feelings can make.

The meaning of the ending of the movie “50 shades of gray”

The ending of the movie “50 shades of gray” was extremely unexpected. Anastacia wanted to subdue the self-confident billionaire. The girl seemed to have succeeded. Confrontation of two types of character. Romance and toughness, love and sexual attraction.

The girl was sure that Christian would fulfill any of her requests, that this was exactly the person with whom she would be happy. Anastasia, with her softness and tenderness, planned to change the attitude towards Gray’s love. But the girl was wrong. In a fit of rage, Christian showed how ruthless and cruel he really is. This discovery was not only a physical pain for the girl, but also mental. Her dreams and hopes for a calm and happy family life turned into ruins. Despite the strong feelings that the characters had for each other, they could not adjust to coexistence. Both Christian and Anastacia have their own world, which they do not intend to leave.

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