What is the meaning of the film The Courier 1986

The film “Courier” was filmed in 1986, the premiere took place on New Year’s Eve. This is a tape of the era of perestroika, the plot was based on the story of Karen Shakhnazarov. For some it’s a comedy, for others it’s a complex psychological drama. An episode of the guy’s life is shown: he did not enter the university, he temporarily works as a courier in the editorial office of the magazine. The legendary work touches on many life problems that will be relevant at all times.

In search of myself

Events take place in the summer of 1986. Breakdance, boiled jeans, discos, films about karate are in fashion. The first scene is the divorce of Ivan Miroshnikov’s parents. The guy obviously does not experience emotional experiences, he is even a little jealous of his father, who has found himself a pretty young passion. Dad is waiting for a long business trip to Africa, and a graduate of the school is looking for classes. He did not go to the university, he has no special desires and talents. Mother advised me to go to the teacher. But the lack of boys could not compensate for the lack of knowledge. He spends his free time with friends from vocational schools: cards, cafes and discos are a common way to kill time.

Mom arranges for her son to work as a courier for a small publishing house. He failed his first assignment: the writer has been waiting for him with the manuscript for three hours, and Ivan is riding a skateboard. Semyon Petrovich is trying to educate the guy, the messenger shows impudence and originality, equivalent to rudeness. At the same time, a pleasant acquaintance with the daughter of a writer awaits him. He obviously liked Katya, and he was interesting to the girl with his extraordinary behavior. They become friends after a cup of tea.

Semyon Petrovich asks not to send Ivan any more, but there is no other messenger in the editorial office. The second time he is seated at the dinner table, the head of the family wants to introduce the guy to Katya’s grandmother. The young man again enters the role of a jester, is a little rude, expresses a desire to live well at the expense of a rich bride. It all ends in a scandal – the courier is noisily pushed out of the apartment. A smart viewer will see the eternal problem of fathers and children. The phrase “for whom we fought” has always infuriated the youth. The girl’s interest in Ivan increases, she promises to call and tell the reaction of the family.

On their first date, they walk, the gentleman leads the lady to a sand pit, where there is a leopard’s lair. The beast once escaped from the circus, in this place he was killed. But there are still footprints in the sand. Everything is much more fun at the disco. Ivan introduces Katya to friends. But a girl from an intelligent family feels like a stranger in the company of guys and girls from the school. She remembers her friend’s birthday. Our couple ends up in an apartment where golden youth walks. The Cavalier does not lose his role. He lies to the friends of the birthday girl that he has been in prison for five years, he asks for alcohol. A naive girl pours all the perfume that is in the family into a jester’s cup. After such a cocktail, Ivan spends part of the party in the toilet.

The third meeting with Katya takes place at her house: everyone has gone to the country. They talk, play the piano. The modern viewer will be surprised by their virginal relationship, they do not even kiss. Suddenly, relatives return, Ivan decides to leave. But the father calls the young man for a conversation. The parent does not want to see an insolent person in the company of his daughter. The hero suffered again, he composes a story about his daughter’s pregnancy on the go. Semyon Petrovich does not suspect a dirty trick, he changes his attitude towards the future “relative”. The groom leaves, and Katya is in for a scandal. The girl did not deny the non-existent position. She let them be deceived, her relatives firmly believe in the imminent appearance of offspring.

Now the daughter of intelligent parents takes the initiative into her own hands. She invites Ivan to “make a baby”: it’s a shame to admit such a joke. The woe-groom falls into confusion, they walk around the city in search of a secluded place. In a damp basement, it turns out that they are virgin. Their idyll is broken by a plumber. Katya finally understands: he is a simple yap, he is very far from a real man.

The last time he comes to Katya with flowers, he apologizes for the joke. A noisy company awaits him, where a friend of Semyon Petrovich complains about the lack of understanding with his son. The girl is clearly not in a good mood, on the offer to sing a song she spoils the atmosphere of the evening, runs away from home.

life roads

In the final scene, Ivan gives a new jacket to his friend Bazin. A new thing is not needed – the guy is waiting for the army. For several seconds, the gaze of the main character is riveted to a soldier who returned from Afghanistan.

The viewer will be tormented by the constant question: “Who is our hero?” He does not look like a fool, he is not registered with a psychiatrist. He is kind and sympathetic, but some actions are difficult to explain. Anyone can be shocked by a fire in an apartment, an African spear launched into a closet. The film can be reviewed many times, but there will be no answer. Psychopath, fool, joker – all these words can be applied in a certain situation. Perhaps he inherited mild oddities from his harmless parents. Mom is played by Inna Churikova, and this already says a lot.

How will Ivan’s future life turn out? Will the army make a man out of him? Will he survive the dashing nineties? “Courier” received many prizes and awards, according to a number of versions it was the event of the year. For the younger generation, the film can be considered historical: music, fashion, attitudes, the first video recorders. And the eternal question: “What to do?”

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