What is the meaning of the film The Captivating Star of Happiness

Magnificent, very touching and strong work is filled with a clear meaning. It lies in true nobility, true self-sacrifice, love and duty, fidelity and honor.

The Decembrists in the film perceive life differently. Their noble soul could not endure injustice towards the common people, their humiliation and oppression. The brave wives of the Decembrists remained faithful to their husbands. Their feat is relevant at all times, deserves admiration and respect. Future generations need to take an example from these selfless people.

What is the film The Captivating Star of Happiness about?

The action takes place in St. Petersburg, on the day when the troops swore allegiance to the new Emperor Nicholas I.

On a winter day, December 14, 1825, the most brilliant officers from the guards, the flower of the true USSR nobility, revolted. Guards officers put forward demands to the tsar – to abdicate the throne, destroy autocratic power and immediately abolish serfdom, the most shameful phenomenon in the history of the state.

The emperor ordered to suppress the rebellion in the Senate Square. With the officers who dared to encroach on the autocracy, Emperor Nicholas I acted cruelly. The main organizers of the uprising were hanged, the rest, at the behest of the tsar, were sent to Siberia, to hard labor. Brave officers were stripped of all titles, ranks, rights and privileges.

Behind the disgraced husbands went their wives. With pain in their hearts, they left a prosperous life, a brilliant society, luxurious balls and outfits. Their rich houses remained in St. Petersburg, suffering from family separation. Wives who dared to go to Siberia after their husbands were also deprived of their titles and rights. Many hardships awaited them on a difficult path, but they ventured on a long journey full of dangers.

In the center of the story are the fates of the officers and their wives, who fought for the right to go into exile for their husbands. These events point to the contrast between the actions of the wives of the Decembrists and the behavior of the emperor, who with particular cruelty tore mothers from their children.

The meaning of the film The Captivating Star of Happiness

The heroic subtext should be considered the main meaning of the touching film.


The historical film about the fate of the Decembrists is filled with religious meaning. The painting depicting saints, shown during the interrogations of officers, symbolizes the contrast with the swift and cruel orders of the emperor. The autocrat did not want to show humility and wisdom, did not want to listen to the Decembrists themselves. The engraving depicts a village in Siberia.

Contains a hint of future ordeals and the liturgy that sounded at the beginning of the film. And the touching words of the liturgy refer to the Decembrists themselves and their selfless wives. “For the suffering, the captive, the traveling, and for their salvation, let us pray.” The words of the liturgy call for sympathy for the captured officers. And their wives are shown suffering.


The film also has a symbolic meaning. The gloomy Neva, but which is drifting ice, symbolizes rebellion and chaos, death and destruction. The dark water, through which the breaking ice moves, indicates a change in the fate of the rebel officers.

The dark and narrow streets below and the bright spiers rising up symbolize both the dark and bright fates of the Decembrists.

duty and honor

The fate of the Decembrists, who boldly and openly rebelled against the autocracy, is full of tragedy. But they could not do otherwise. The duty of an officer ordered them to intercede for the oppressed peasants, the honor of a nobleman forced them to speak openly. The Decembrists knew what awaited them. Therefore, their feat is worthy of admiration and regret.

Love and loyalty

The wives of the Decembrists showed the whole world true love and fidelity. The feat accomplished by brave women is painted with bright colors of true nobility, humanity and humility to a sad fate. Refined and gentle, they threw everything they had. Faithful wives rushed to protect their husbands, supported them.

When they failed to alleviate the terrible situation of the Decembrists, they followed them to Siberia. The wives performed a feat in the name of love and fidelity.

The meaning of the final

Selfless women endured insults from the royal servants at every turn.

Evil lackeys did everything to make the fate of brave women even harder. Everything that could be taken from them was taken from them. The poor women endured countless humiliations. But they with honor withstood all the tests, were not afraid of difficulties. And this is the great feat of selfless women.

Courageous and faithful wives became those guiding stars who illuminated the gloomy and dark path of their noble husbands with the light of their love.

The wives of the Decembrists and their disgraced husbands can only dream. A handful of brave frightened women against the backdrop of white Siberian snows and the gloomy gray fence of the prison will shine with The Captivating Star of Happiness. It reminds of the past life and inspires hope for the future.

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