Constantine Ending Explained & Film Analysis

In the American Los Angeles, a terrible suicide of a patient of a psychiatric clinic, Isabelle, takes place. The girl is thrown from the roof of the building. The investigation of this strange death is taken over by the twin sister of the deceased – Angela. During a survey of the hospital staff, it turns out that the spirits and visions that tormented Isabelle earlier (she ended up in the clinic because of this) “activated” in the last days before her death. Not finding answers, the heroine decides to take an extreme step. She seeks help from John Constantine, a well-known exorcist and medium in narrow circles. John is hopelessly ill with sarcoma of the lungs and he is measured out for quite a bit of time. However, at first he refuses Angela, but then he still decides to go to hell and try to find Isabelle in it.

What is the meaning of the film Constantine?

After the rite-journey, John informs the sister of the deceased that she really is in hell. Angela does not yield and asks to be sent to the other world herself in order to find out the true reason for the suicide. The girl is horrified by what she sees and almost dies.

During the sessions, John Constantine notes for himself a certain increase in the activity of evil spirits from the lower worlds in the world of people. From him, Angela learns a terrible secret that many processes in society are controlled by otherworldly forces. In particular, John talks about the fact that the struggle for the souls of people is nothing but a dispute between the Lord and Satan. At the same time, demons or angels should not penetrate human reality. This is allowed only to “half-breeds”. The latter are capable of quite indirectly influencing certain events of reality or the decisions of individual people.

John realizes that disaster is about to begin. The balance of the worlds is broken and the creatures of hell are trying to break “up”. In an attempt to establish the nature of this imbalance, two loyal friends of John Constantine die. The truth is shocking. It turns out that the son of the Devil in some unknown way got at his disposal an ancient relic – the Spear of Destiny. According to the Bible, it was with this tip that Jesus was killed on the cross.

The heroes take up the investigation. Constantine is informed that the son of Satan plans to invade the earth with his horde and completely enslave it. To implement this insidious plan, he only needs an intermediary medium. In the end, they turn out to be Angela, who is kidnapped and taken out in an unknown direction. The half-breeds who captured her want to use the girl’s body in order to “give birth to this” light of the Devil’s son in the flesh through it.

John Constantine takes his young assistant Cheng with him and heads to the clinic building where Isabelle died. They are not mistaken – Angela is kept there and prepared for the ritual. John tries to stop the ceremony when the half-breed Gabrielle appears. She kills Chas and almost brings her plans to the end. But the main character decides to take an extreme measure – he opens his veins with a large piece of glass. From blood loss, John begins to die, and behind him is Lucifer himself. The protagonist asks Satan to free Isabella from hell in exchange for his soul, and he agrees. As soon as this happens, John reminds that this is martyrdom and now he cannot be taken to hell. Constantine is already beginning to ascend to heaven when Satan penetrates through his flesh into his lungs and cures John, leaving him to live in this world.

The picture ends with several episodes. In one of them, John and Angela are shown on a high-rise building, where the hero gives the girl-detective a bundle with the “Spear of Destiny” and asks to hide the latter in a safe place. In the second fragment, John Constantine visits Chas’s grave, where he leaves a lighter. Leaving, the protagonist notices his young assistant in the form of an angel hovering over the graves. Chas was martyred and is now a rightful inhabitant of paradise.

The meaning of the film lies in the idea of ​​the eternal confrontation between good and evil in our world. As the protagonist notes, there is a constant struggle between the two opposing camps for the souls of people. However, no matter how strong the temptations of the mortal world may be, the choice of the path often depends on the free will of a person and his decisions.

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