What is the meaning of the anime Zankyou No Terror?

Zankyou No Terror is a great anime that touches on important social issues. Terrorism is a truly terrible phenomenon that destroys not only infrastructure, but also the lives of real people. It cannot be justified in any way, however, the author of Zankyou No Terror has a slightly different view of this situation. What can push people to such horrors? How will society begin to respond to the constant destruction and death? The anime Zankyou No Terror clearly shows this. The series is small, but even for its timing it manages to reveal the characters and touch on socially important problems. But what was it about? Let’s tell!

The meaning of the name of the anime Zankyou No Terror

In the original, this anime is called in the literal translation “Reverb of Horror”. That is, the name is a description of the process of spreading horror and fear among society. Terrorism, as you know, always causes a particularly vivid reaction from society, which, of course, is always reflected in its “eyes”. But everything is gradually forgotten, so the so-called reverberation is obtained. That is, from the highest point of fear, this horror gradually decreases. This does not happen immediately, but slowly, without releasing people from the shackles of fear. And that’s exactly what happens in real life! The translators removed this word because of its complexity, but with this they lost some of the deep meaning of the picture. Echo is a slightly different phenomenon, although partially similar.

It seems that we figured out the name, now let’s move on to analyzing the meaning of the anime itself!

Meaning of anime

As you probably already guessed, the main motive of this anime is the motive of the investigation of the former detective, now a Tokyo police officer Shibazaki. A powerful explosion occurs in the city, which plunges the inhabitants into horror. The only clue is the video posted by the terrorists. Shibazaki now has to find out their motives and reasons. At first, it will seem to you that the terrorists of this anime are terrible maniacs, but over time you will realize that they had their own reasons for terrorist activities.

The fact is that they are participants in a terrible experiment. In their hearts lies the real desire to take revenge on their offenders. Believe me, they will not back down from their desire, so they will destroy building after building of a cruel organization. Criminals only want to lessen the pain in their soul.

The most difficult task is for the detective. How can he not be imbued with the soul of these terrorists? He understands that they are trying to destroy what destroys other people’s lives. But they are the real criminals. The anime addresses this issue, which is pretty bold. Unfortunately, modern art rarely shows such plots, exposing terrorism only as terrible. In our case, it is the liberation mission of the people destroyed inside. Whether they finish it or not is up to you to find out!

The meaning of the ending of the anime Zankyou No Terror

In the finale, we learn that our terrorist criminals were the victims of a horrifying experiment. They destroyed a good half of Japan (and without a single casualty), destroying only the buildings associated with the horror that they had to endure. That is, the terrorists are shown to us not as evil maniacs, thirsty for murder and blood, but as people whose suffering was really terrible. Their “act of freedom” is revenge for all that has been done to them. To justify their actions or not is the choice of the viewer. And how do you feel about the revenge methods of Twelva and Nine?

It is important to note that the ending fits perfectly with the deep message of the anime title. As already mentioned, the title in the original sounded like “Reverb of Horror”. We see how people gradually descend from the highest point of fear to the lowest. These vibrations are the basis of reverb. Therefore, the combination of this physical term in combination with the public reaction is simply brilliant! The Japanese often make the titles of their works complex and descriptive, but they do it just great! It is sometimes very difficult to convey the full meaning of their phrases!

In general, the anime Zankyou No Terror is perfect in absolutely everything: it is dynamic, has an interesting plot, touches on important issues, reveals characters from all sides and is not at all dragged out! What else is needed for a quality title?

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