The Lovely Bones Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The Lovely Bones was released on the big screen in 2009. It is an adaptation of the book by Alice Sebold, published in 2002. The cult director Peter Jackson, who worked on such films as The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and The Chronicles of Predatory Cities, took up the work on the picture. The main role was played by Saoirse Ronan, who at that time had already starred in 7 films and TV shows.

What is the movie about

Viewers are transported to 1973. Events take place in one of the states of America and last for several months. The story comes from the young Susie Salmon, who is barely 14 years old. She lives in a large family with her mother, father, younger brother and sister.

At the local supermarket, the girl meets a foreigner named Ray. He turns out to be an Englishman and brings back memories of her youth to the heroine’s granny. Susie is in the school film club. And now, after another session, she meets a mysterious foreigner. He treats the girl kindly and invites her to go on a date. However, misfortune awaits the girl. From school, she always gets through a field sown with corn. Walking along it, she meets her neighbor George Harvey, who wants to show her some kind of shelter designed for children’s games. Susie agrees, but after being examined, Harvey forbids her to leave. Harvey attacks the girl and kills her. Leaving the world of the living, the girl’s soul touches the living girl Ruth. She is now attached to a living person who can feel her presence. And so, instead of Susie, Ruth comes on a date with Ray. After that, they start dating.

What is the meaning of Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones?

Susie’s soul can’t go to heaven because she doesn’t want to lose touch with her loved ones. From the “world in between”, she watches over her family and her killer. At the same time, each of them feels the presence of a girl. A police investigation begins, which is instantly deadlocked due to the lack of a body. Susie’s father takes on the case himself, assuming that the girl knew the killer well. The girl’s mother has to move to another state to recover faster. The grandmother helps the family.

Meanwhile, Susie’s soul decides to punish the killer for the suffering he brought to her family. The girl’s father is on the trail of the criminal and finds out about Harvey’s involvement in this case. Now, to accuse him, the man needs evidence. However, when he sees Harvey walking somewhere through a cornfield, the girl’s father pursues him. Susie’s younger sister also believes that this was done by their neighbor, who is already hatching a plan for a new murder, this girl should become a victim. In the “in-between world,” Susie learns that she is not Harvey’s first victim. The sister of the deceased enters the house of a neighbor and finds a diary there, with detailed drawings of Suze’s murder. But the mother returns home, and the girl forgets about the diary.

However, Harvey notices the intrusion and the girl running away from his house. He is afraid that everything can be revealed and hastily prepares to leave the city. They dispose of Susie’s body, sealing it in a safe and leaving it in a ravine on the outskirts. But this does not go unnoticed – Ruth and Ray see him. In the underworld, Susie meets other girls – victims of Harvey, and they try to get to heaven with her. But an exciting moment stops her. She feels that Ruth and Ray are about to kiss and takes possession of the girl’s body. This is how she gets her first and last kiss in her life. The girl’s soul goes to heaven. Gradually, peace settles in the Salmon family. And Harvey, who escaped justice, dies in an accident. An icicle falls on him as he hunts down another victim.

The meaning of the ending The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones isn’t just another movie with a heart-rending plot. Everything in it looks incredibly true – emotions, color of the picture, music and horrifying footage of events. The film gives each viewer the opportunity to understand what life means individually for everyone. It not only allows you to think, but also pushes you to action, because life can end at any second. No wonder man has a mind. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of this world, feel emotions, understand how everything works around you, set goals for yourself, achieve them, communicate and enjoy. But everything in the world cannot be perfect. A person sometimes feels pain. The pain of loss, separation, failure. The film tries to convey that pain is not the end of life.

Susie lost that opportunity by trusting the wrong person. Her corpse was never found, now lies in the same iron box, gradually losing its human shape. And on her face forever there will be an expression of horror. Only now the girl is in another world and the physical shell is no longer hers. Although Susie still had so much to experience, the killer did not spare her. She had to experience the first kiss, love, graduation, the birth of a child and many more positive things. Not only her world, everyone’s world is full of the same events that bring completely different emotions. For us, living people, the main thing now is to leave a memory of ourselves in the hearts of relatives and friends.

But Susie is still alive. At least somewhere there. in Paradise. And, of course, in the hearts of family and friends.

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