Once Upon a Time in America Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The gangster film Once Upon a Time in America is partly based on the autobiographical work of Harry Gray. This film was released back in 1984, however, interest in it does not subside even now. Heavy memories of the protagonist, who had to go through a lot. Betrayal, friendship, relationships between characters. What is the hidden meaning of the film “Once Upon a Time in America”? What did the director Sergio Leone want to convey to the audience with his picture?

What is Once Upon a Time in America about?

America. Busy twenties. People listen to jazz. Each of the inhabitants of the country, despite the plight, dreams of becoming wealthy and successful. The slum population dreams in the millions. Several desperate guys living in New York have united to achieve a common goal. They have a planned plan, during the implementation of which the characters are not ready to retreat.

The guys ruthlessly deal with competitors, they easily remove traitors and vile people from their path. Brazen and self-confident heroes crank out complex scams for their own benefit. Thanks to their cunning deeds, young people were nicknamed the kings of the criminal world. The characters hunted during the golden era of Prohibition. It was their time.

Despite their ruthless actions and illegal actions, the boys knew that they would always come to each other’s aid. For them, justice and duty were not empty words. For the sake of friendship, tested by time and hard trials, each of them was ready to give his life. They swore that this would happen if any of the heroes needed support and help. The guys hoped that money, power and impunity would never go to their heads.

Fate was favorable to the legendary gangsters. However, a few years later, luck turned away from the heroes. Now the characters will have to answer for their words, they will have to fulfill the oath promise. And it will happen one day in America.

Meaning of “Once Upon a Time in America”

The length of the film “Once Upon a Time in America” ​​is almost four hours. However, few viewers after watching the film will say that they have wasted their time. This movie hits the nerves. The film captivates with its realism, accessible presentation. There are no long scenes or incomprehensible actions in it. Each of the characters is in its place.

The work of not only the director, but also the cameraman is impeccable. This film in the smallest detail conveys the mood and thoughts of the people of that era. What feelings do the characters live, what ideas do they promote, what are they fighting for. The heroes swore that they would help each other under any circumstances. However, the film “Once Upon a Time in America” ​​once again emphasizes that you should not unconditionally trust even close people. Unfortunately, almost everyone is capable of a mean act. Life changes people. Not everyone is given to overcome the obstacles that fall to his lot. Under the pressures of existence, many break down. Therefore, it is important to remember that you should always rely solely on yourself.

Just watching Once Upon a Time in America is not enough. This incredible story should be experienced. The film is about hard times. The 1920s in America passed under the motto of crime, poverty, self-interest. Everyone survived the best they could. In this tape there are no right or wrong, no traitors, no honest people. The director shows the actions of the characters and the circumstances due to which these events occurred. Particular attention in the film “Once Upon a Time in America” ​​is paid to the disclosure of the characters of the characters. We are all different. There are no ideal people with the same life values ​​and moral principles. Everyone has their own truth.

This incredible story is about kindness and cruelty, about love and hate, about justice and meanness. This is not a fairy tale, but life itself. With its advantages and disadvantages. The point of Once Upon a Time in America is that we are the creators of our own destiny. We alone choose the path we take. We ourselves determine for ourselves the line that we have no right to cross. And we are also responsible for our choice. It is always worth remembering that the limits of what is permitted can never be crossed. After all, life depends on it.

The meaning of the ending of the movie “Once Upon a Time in America”

Friendship, proven over the years. The hero, having survived, suddenly realized that he was not a traitor, he was a real victim of circumstances. This character is deeply loyal to his old friends. It was he who could not forgive the vile act and betrayal. Why did someone decide to live his life? If someone encroaches on his values ​​and ideals, inevitable death awaits him.

The finale of Once Upon a Time in America proves once again that there are still people who are true to their words and deeds. In life there is still a place for nobility, devotion and friendship. However, there are also commercialism, set-up, meanness. The interweaving of destinies, strengths and weaknesses of the characters, the characters of the characters. All this is called life. A film close to reality, telling the story of real people, is doomed to success among the audience. After all, such a film makes you think that after the years have passed, people should not be ashamed of an aimless and uninteresting existence.

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