What is the meaning of Ich hasse Kinder by Till Lindemann?

The work of Till Lindemann is a special branch of art. His works are very bright, visual and naturalistic, however, in addition to a bright picture, they also have a more important aspect – a deep meaning and content, both in the video and in the song. “Ich hasse Kinder” came out exactly on Children’s Day, that is, June 1st. The performer wanted to convey an important message to everyone. But which one? What is the meaning of Till Lindemann’s song and video “Ich hasse Kinder”? We decided to conduct a relatively comprehensive analysis of this composition in order to find the most accurate answer to this question.

It is worth noting that the title largely reflects the meaning of the song. It translates as “I hate children.” Agree, a good name for a song that comes out on Children’s Day. But Till sings not only about hatred, he argues his point of view, and very clearly, especially in the video.

Till Lindemann – Ich hasse Kinder Meaning

The meaning of the song is less than a little inferior to the clip in terms of clarity. But this in no way diminishes its importance.

In the song, we hear that Lindemann hates children. They make noise, scream, run, humiliate their own peers. In his eyes, they look like real fiends. But do not rush to write it down in the list of child haters.

Lindemann notes that he hates children, but this rule does not apply to his own. Apparently, his father is excellent, and his children are distinguished by good behavior and upbringing. That is why he adores his own, and aliens disgust him.

At the end, he asks the question: is it possible to beat children? The answer is not clearly given, but the implication is yes. Most likely, in some use of force, Lindemann sees a possible solution to the problem of education. If all parents were really involved in raising their own children, then the world would obviously become a better place.

Till Lindemann – Ich hasse Kinder Video Meaning

The video most clearly reflects this hatred and its causes. The fact is that the lyrical hero is being interrogated by the police. Revva, playing a police officer, interrogates a man. Then he remembers his childhood.

USSR, time of pioneers. But it doesn’t even smell of ideal upbringing and high spiritual qualities. Peers beat and actively mock young Lindemann (his character). They lock him in a locker, kick him, push him, bully him in all sorts of ways. Of course, the child is outraged, but no one can save him, not even the teacher.

And so his childhood years pass, full of suffering and humiliation. The child grows up, but his thirst for revenge does not decrease at all, but on the contrary, it grows. Then he goes to “return the favor” to everyone who mocked him.

Gradually he kills everyone. One falls down the stairs, tied to a chair, another is hit by a car, the third dies at work. And so time after time the man restores justice. He kills everyone who tormented him all his childhood. But now he realizes that he did something terrible.

We return to the interrogation chamber. The policeman beats the man, trying to get information from him. Lindemann tells everything.

In interruptions, we learn that Lindemann’s hero is a good family man. He loves his wife and two children, but strangers cause him rejection.

And here is the court. It is clear that he is found guilty, which guarantees his death. Killing so many people can’t get away with jail time. But at the end, for some reason, Lindemann walks out of the building. Most likely, this is an allusion to the fact that his soul is now free. Revenge has been done. Now it is clear why he hates children.

This is the song and video! Till Lindemann is a fantastic musician, performer and media personality. He knows perfectly well where and how to influence the society and listeners in order to cause maximum resonance. But his work is not based on the so-called black PR, as is the case with many modern performers, it is simply not to everyone’s liking. Not everyone is able to see the deep subtext in such bright and defiant clips. But this is his style, so you should not judge a man, he just does his amazing job. We are looking forward to new works!

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