Who Is the Killer in The Little Things? What Was In The Box?

What is the meaning & features of the film The Little Things? The film The Little Things amazed many with its ending, because if initially everyone had one thought, then at the end there were a lot of questions that were not answered. The plot is simple, but at the same time complex, the script of the film was written in 1993, so the film shows how the police worked at a time when there were no computers, DNA tests. But the meaning of the film The Little Things 2021 deserves special attention.

Special nuances of the plot of the film

However, it should be understood that this film is not just about cops and a serial killer, there is a deeper meaning here. It is based on the price of mistakes that can be made and what the consequences will be. This film is about the imperfection of the system, about the struggle of conscience and demons. Initially, the film tells us about how Dick and his partner are chasing a maniac in the park, while Dick ran into a girl who managed to escape from the killer, but because he confused her with the killer. It was also quite dark, and he killed her, later he was acquitted, but his career was ruined, he moved to another city, and a young detective took his place.

However, Dick’s goal from now on is to catch the killer, because it was because of him that he ruined his life. In this way, he could wash the blood off his hands, while learning that a young policeman was on the case. Dick volunteered to help him, because he has an excellent deduction. Thanks to this, a portrait of the killer quickly appears. A real person is discovered who may well be this maniac.

Dick begins to use illegal methods, he climbs into the suspect’s house, finds a lot of clippings about murders and crimes. At this time, the maniac himself offers Jimmy to look at the scene of the murder, leads him to a wasteland, but there he begins to mock the policeman in every possible way, so Jimmy can’t stand it, hits him with a shovel.

Dick later arrives at this place, sees a repetition of his situation, feels fear, hopelessness and invites him to bury the corpses and forget about everything. Dick himself is trying to cover his tracks, he goes with the guys to collect his things, but upon a detailed examination he realizes that he was mistaken.

The meaning of the film – mistakes and their consequences

Sparma is not a serial maniac, it turns out that Dick fell into his own trap, because he himself always said that The Little Things. It is necessary to carefully consider every detail, Sparma was just a mentally ill person, and already a few years ago he tried to impersonate a serial killer. Thus he enjoys, Dick understands that Jimmy will not be able to live normally after that, like the hero himself. He decides to save at least him, he sends him a hairpin as a sign that Sparma was still a criminal.

Thus, Jimmy killed just a sick person, although he expected to kill a serial maniac. The film tells that everyone can make mistakes, but sometimes they lead to tragic consequences. The film ends unexpectedly, until the end it is not clear whether Sparma was the killer or not. Most likely, if you look closely at the plot of the film, it is clear that the serial killer left the city altogether. Jimmy returned to the idea many times that Sparma was not to blame, but Dick convinced him otherwise.

It is clear that due to the mistake of the police, a lot of unexpected things can happen. Including, without finding the killer, they allowed the maniac to continue his dirty work. In the process, a completely innocent, mentally ill person who needed help died.

In fact, Dick acted like the right thing, for himself he decided to save the life of at least his partner Jimmy, because he himself no longer considers himself a normal person. He can’t live with the thought that he killed an innocent girl. He realizes that if Jimmy finds out that Sparma is not a criminal, he will suffer for the rest of his life. He decides to convince Jimmy that he killed a real serial maniac who brought only evil to life. Thus, even when planning some good deeds, they can still make a mistake and, as a result, harm the people around them. It is important to think through every step before making life-changing decisions, especially those that decide the fate of other people.

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