Saw Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Saw is a series of films that has long been a cult classic. The image of Kramer and his puppet has soaked through mass culture, so the popularity of the film is obvious. However, the movie itself makes more sense than exposing various people to danger. The film is based on a social idea, which is not expressed in a completely standard way. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but let’s take a closer look at the meaning of the film “Saw” and its finale. Let’s get started!

The meaning of the film

What is the main point of the movie “Saw”? From the very beginning of the film, we still do not understand the whole plot of the plot. Before us is photographer Adam and Dr. Lawrence Gordon. They are chained to the wall. The people themselves are in a small dark room, in which there is an additional corpse with a revolver and a voice recorder.

It makes no sense to describe all the painful trials they went through, because all the pain can only be conveyed on the screen. That’s why let’s go through the story. Gradually, we learn that each participant in the game is not accidentally here. Photographer Adam followed the private lives of people, including Gordon’s family. The fact is that the doctor was partially familiar with the personality of the maniac. He was at the scenes of his past crimes, where he accidentally dropped a flashlight. Detective Zep then tried to accuse him of involvement in the murders, but the doctor had an ironclad alibi. Now Zep has been laid off at work, but he maniacally pursues the doctor and tries to accuse him of the murders.

Now Zep is holding his family hostage. While they were in the room, he snuck into Lawrence’s house and grabbed the doctor’s loved ones. He was able to reach the players on the phone that the corpse had. He urged Adam not to believe the doctor, because he still considered him a maniac. It is also revealed that the doctor was kidnapped after visiting his mistress. However, the wife wants to tell her husband that she’s fine, as she was helped to deal with the former policeman, but the electric current causes him to throw the phone aside.

Lawrence does not know about the safety of his wife, so he decides to shoot Adam, which, in fact, he does. Tapp and Zep enter the room where Adam and Lawrence are sitting. It happens that the second one shoots the first one in the chest.

It is also revealed that Zep was part of the game. He was supposed to hold the doctor’s family hostage and, if he failed, kill everyone. However, something happens that the former policeman did not consider – Adam grabs him and beats him to death with a toilet lid. The fact is that the doctor deliberately shot Adam in the shoulder so that he would survive.

Lawrence gets up and crawls out of the room. He promises to return with help. Right after that, the corpse in the room rises. This is the constructor, which explains the entire storyline.

The plot is really complex, there is no arguing. However, the Saw films have always been famous for such stories. Heroes initially seem to be ordinary people, but over time we learn about their sins. A photographer watches people’s lives for money, a doctor cheats on his wife. That is why they are in the maniac’s game. Kramer is trying to clean up society with similar methods. Does he succeed? Perhaps, but the scale is not so great. But this is not the last game of John Kramer. In the following parts, he will expose even more sins of people.

The meaning of the ending

In the final, we will find out who is the notorious Constructor. His name is John Kramer and he is a cancer patient. A terrible grief happened in his life, which we will find out in the following parts. Now he calmly rises, removes his hood and looks at Adam. He tries to shoot the maniac, but a sudden discharge of electricity makes him throw the gun aside. Kramer says, “Game over.” After that, the light turns off and the door closes. Photographer Adam will stay in this room forever. He will be found, but only after death.

The film, in fact, does not yet fully reveal the identity of the Designer. We do not know about his grief and the reasons that gave impetus to such games (they will be discussed in the following parts of the cult film series). However, even now one can understand his motives. The maniac thus tries to make the world a better place. With his brutal actions, he exposes the truth about the players, forcing them to admit their mistakes. In later parts, we learn that only those who can accept their sins and pass the ordeal to atone for them will survive.

That’s what Cramer’s job is to make people better. Life once threw him hard and left him face to face in harsh reality, but he coped with the pain. Now it performs the function of life. He is ready to subject people to cruel tests exactly until the moment when humanity becomes “cleaner” or until Kramer dies of cancer. It is this thought that is invested in the finale of the film “Saw”.

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