What Is The Main Meaning of Revolver?

The Philosophy of Revolver Explored & The characters in the film “Revolver” are interconnected by a thread invisible at first glance. The top of the system is occupied by the undeniable Sam Gold, and he sets the pace, managing all the resources of the system he created. Everyone who is part of Gold’s brainchild strictly obeys her both simple and strict rules.

In order to comprehend the film, two important details must be grasped: Sam Gold does not actually exist, but he is present within the system and manifests itself as the inner voice of its participants. So far, little is clear, especially if you have not watched this film yet, but do not rush to conclusions. There is a meaning, and a deep one.

It’s time to get to know the characters and the plot. Maka and Lord John are two antagonists who own and share the resources that exist in the system and force everyone who is in this system to follow its canons. Jake Green is the character on which the plot is tied. He is also part of Gold’s empire and is dependent on Maquis for his resources. Avi and Zack are not part of Gold’s system, which allows them to have full access to its inexhaustible resources and remain in the shadows. Ordinary people are prescribed to be the sources of these resources.

The postulates of the Gold system are reduced to the following rules:

You are obliged to get more resources than you would need. (Resources mean money, financial good) You are above others. If something has been taken from you, it must be returned.

Green’s goal was to get as much money as possible. Initially, Green had no doubt that Maka was his main opponent. With the support of Avi and Zack, he finds a unique formula that will make it easy for him to siphon Mac’s resources. The catch is that the formula improves efficiency within the system, but is not a game changer. Gold wins in any case.

Avi and Zach help Green understand that his main rival is not Maka, but Gold, who can win this game on a global level by defeating him. The complexity of the situation lies in the fact that all participants consider Gold’s postulates to be their inner voice. The paradox is that you can get out of the power of Gold and be free only by ceasing to obey your inner voice. Every attempt to go against Gold is accompanied by panic and fear. To achieve the goal, Avi and Zak, who are not subject to anyone, block Green’s will, subordinating him to themselves.

The practice of internal rethinking begins. Green’s greed was quelled by Avi and Zach with a charity giving away his resources to the common people. Cruelty was suppressed by mercy. Pride was crushed by Green’s apology to Maka. Avi and Zak turn Mack and Lord John against each other, provoking them to mutual destruction. As a result, Jake manages to disidentify with the voice in his head. This final stage is the deliverance from the fear of the imposed inner voice.

The film “Revolver” not only directly tells us about internal development, it also in a hidden form gives instructions for the exit of one’s own personality to a new level.

For example, Green personifies the conscious and willful center of our being, which seeks to control our own internal resources and constantly expand its sphere of influence. Consciousness in its aspirations is limited by certain limits that can be compared to Gold’s voice. Gold’s voice embodies our beliefs and rules of life, which each of us voluntarily submits to, mistakenly assuming that they are ideal for our successful survival. But there is another part of us that yearns for change and development. It is personified everywhere by Avi and Zak, who have fussed everywhere, they guide us to go on unknown paths and, if necessary, not be afraid to break old rules in order to establish new ones. Maka and Lord John identify all our psychological complexes, which more than take away vital energy. Ordinary people are similar to the lower part of our nature – the body that works, supplying us with resources, realizing our desires and plans. The psychological aspect in this film adaptation is very well thought out, and if you dig deep enough, you can project a solid and fundamental psychoanalysis onto yourself.

In addition, the film is replete with references to the Kabbalah. It is known that the wife of Guy Ricci – Madonna was fond of Kabbalah, where each color is symbolic. For example, white is a symbol of purification, gray symbolizes wisdom, black is the color of understanding, blue is the color of the all-seeing eye, red is a symbol of severity, sin, greed. Yellow is a symbol of beauty. Gold is meant to be a sign of excessive self-esteem, or selfishness. Throughout the film, the color scheme changes dramatically and each character has its own unique color, which as a whole characterizes the character. As Green tries to get rid of the foreign inner voice, blue and gold flicker in his footage. It was with the help of these colors and their inherent qualities, according to Kabbalah, that Green managed to get closer to the desired green, which identified the victory over his inner self.

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