Flightplan Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film Flightplan (2005) saw the light of day 15 years ago, the film starts with the fact that the main character Pratt’s husband dies, she is grieving the loss. Together with her daughter, she needs to go by plane to New York. After sleeping on the plane, the heroine realizes that her daughter is not around, there is no ticket for the flight, there is no luggage.

The main character is completely convinced that her daughter has been kidnapped, but after a thorough search, there is no result. Many passengers try to convince Kylie that she did not have a child with her initially, that she just has problems with fantasies after a severe tragedy. The woman starts a personal search, but the crew does not allow her to do so.

After a while, it becomes clear that the plane was captured by extortionists, their goal is fifty million dollars, and the organizer, Kylie Pratt, is to blame for this. At the same time, the plane is forced to land in Canada, where everyone is successfully evacuated, the commander even apologizes to Miss Pratt, but a terrible problem is that her daughter is missing. The main negative character of the film is the terrorist Carson, he is the kidnapper of Julia, he is the creator of the entire operation, he is obliged to fight Kylie.

As a result, the heroine achieves the main goal – she blows up the terrorist along with part of the plane. The daughter is with her. Only after a while, the passengers realize that the passenger is not crazy, her daughter was really kidnapped, and the criminal, the Arab who served the luggage, turned out to be a terrorist. He was under suspicion from the very beginning. Already in the final, you can see how Julia leaves the airport with her daughter in her arms and all the passengers are proud that she did not give up.

Flight is a special film, starring Jodie Foster in it, she did an excellent job, showed herself not only as a loving mother, but also as a brave, fearless woman who is able to cope with a number of terrorists one-on-one. It is interesting that the film is built on the fact that everything around is an illusion, because Kylie tried to convince her that she does not have a daughter. Even at the Berlin airport there is no data on the purchase of tickets, that her daughter boarded the plane. The stewardess who took people on board also did not see the girl, but Julia should be next to her.

Already at the end of the film, the whole point is revealed to the audience – Carson, the stewardess Stephanie, the pathologist – all are real terrorists and criminals. This is a multi-stage plan, it was estimated at $50 million. Initially, the heroine was supposed to be presented as a terrorist who stole a plane that was threatened to blow it up. At the end, it also becomes clear that Carson is guilty of the death of the heroine’s husband, of Julia’s kidnapping, in order to create a general situation. In his opinion, they should have blamed everything on Kylie.

After an emergency landing, they wanted to destroy Julia by detonating explosives near her, and Kylie had to remain dead on the plane with a detonator, which would not raise any questions about her guilt in the attack. But thanks to her brave and loving mother, she managed to defeat the criminals. As you know, only courage and assertiveness helps many to overcome difficult situations, and most importantly, self-confidence.

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