House of Gucci Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The real masterpiece of the outgoing year was the film House of Gucci, which is expected by many fans of this fashion house, as well as those who simply love biographical dramas. House of Gucci is one of the best films of this year. Every detail is amazing here – the script, the costumes, and the acting. The script is based on a research book called The House of Gucci, based on a sensational story about murder, glamour, follies and greed.

Forden served as the editor-in-chief of an Italian fashion magazine, she was considered a well-known columnist who spent many years in the field of fashion, she is an insider, but not an investigative reporter. In principle, the book is based on rumors and speculation. The film rights were acquired by the wife of the famous director Ridley Scott, but for 10 years they did not know how to approach this masterpiece, how to come up with a script.

The film is based on a story that shocked the whole world – the murder of the grandson of the founder of the Gucci house, the leader in the fashion world of that time, Maurizio Gucci, his murder was ordered by his ex-wife, in marriage with whom they found happiness for thirteen years. Everyone in secular society knew the couple, the couple led a luxurious, vibrant life. The brand gave huge profits, but at one time everything became completely sad. It turns out that the story is based on greedy and jealous heroes who destroyed not only the marriage of two loving people, but also the business of the whole family.

Maurizio Gucci was born in Italy, his parents are Italian actors, but he was the grandson of the legend in the fashion world – Gucci, who created the famous brand. Patricia Reggiani, played by Lady Gaga, was born in 1948, her mother was a waitress, and her father, who started as a driver, was able to seize a million-dollar trucking fortune. The family was not part of high society, but led the life of wealthy people. Thanks to her father’s millions, external attractiveness, she was able to break through to the elite of Milan, where she met the heir to Gucci. She claimed that it was the grandson of the fashion designer who fell in love with her to the point of madness, since she was a unique, luxurious woman, he was also a rather well-mannered quiet boy.

During their acquaintance, Gucci personified luxury for the elite. The couple got married at the age of 24, they had two daughters in marriage. Maurizio’s father tried to destroy the union, because he believed that Patricia, a hunter for popularity and money, was uneven with their son. It turned out that ten years of marriage were very successful.

The marriage began to crumble after a family conflict, in 1983 the son of the founder of the brand died, the father who made a career as an actor, and since Maurizio was one son, he received fifty percent of the shares owned by his father. However, while Maurizio’s father was alive, Aldo’s father’s brother, Al Pacino, ran the business, because Rodolfo led his own way of life, was engaged in acting. Now the shares have passed to his son, the situation has changed. Maurizio wanted change, he wanted to take an active part in the management of the fashion house.

During the reign of Aldo, the brand has changed, now Gucci bags were available, not only in boutiques, but also in the mass market. Aldo did not want any changes, his own child also did not agree with his father.

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