The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a detective thriller. The film, directed by David Fincher, was released in 2011.

What is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo about?

Journalist Mikael Blomkvist is in trouble. He was accused of allegedly slandering a well-known influential billionaire. In the publishing house, he was temporarily suspended from work.

At the same time, the equally influential Henrik Vanger contacted Mikael. The man of venerable age created a positive impression. He offered a talented journalist a lucrative part-time job. The billionaire asked to take on the investigation of a family secret 40 years ago. Harriet’s niece mysteriously disappeared, and since then the investigation has been inconclusive. Also Henrik Wanger additionally asked to record his biography.

The journalist accepted the proposal of the billionaire. He happened to have a family island, and Mikael moved there for the duration of the investigation. He noticed that strange people live there, which are the majority. Each one is suspicious. The first is an elderly Nazi businessman. The second is the mother of a girl who once disappeared. The rest are also suspicious and not entirely positive characters.

An assistant from the city comes to the aid of the journalist – a girl with a beautiful name. Her name is Lisbeth Salander. The girl was unfairly recognized by the authorities as incompetent. She speaks in monosyllables and looks like a punk boy. She hates all the inhabitants of this island.

Michael – who is he?

Mikael Blomkvist works for Millennium Publishing. He takes on the investigation of such cases, because of which he has a scandalous fame. By the time this whole story begins, Mikael was in trouble. He publicly accused the corporation’s owner, Wennerström, of arms dealing and financial improprieties.

It seems like these accusations could be confirmed, but the sources let the reporter down. As a result, a wealthy man wins the court. Credulity and haste caused the failure.

After being suspended from his main job, Mikael starts searching for the missing niece of a billionaire. In the work, he begins to interact with a hacker girl, who plays the main role in this whole story.

Lisbeth Salander

The heroine of the film is charismatic. Her appearance is extraordinary. She resembles a punk girl: she dyes her blond short hair black, has piercings in her nose and eyebrows, and has a large dragon tattoo on her back. The girl has many phobias and complexes. You can call it weird. Formally, she was even declared incompetent.

The girl’s life is hell. The bandit, whom her mother married, mocks the girl. She killed her stepfather and ended up in a special institution. But her nightmare didn’t end there. She is raped by her guardian.

Lisbeth looks like a boy: angular features and gothic style. Her appearance suggests that the girl is out of the system. Against the background of the diagnosis, piercings and tattoos, not everyone was able to see her will, intelligence and talent in her.

The girl is vindictive. Retribution is thought out carefully and slowly. She is professional and strong in character. Lisbeth Salander is the epitome of feminism.

Lisbeth and Mikael – partners

They are so different that they resemble chaos and order. Only thanks to their joint efforts, the case is revealed. The novel of heroes captures, but it has no continuation. Everyone eventually returns to their own world. Mikael continues to do investigations and high-profile articles, and Lisbeth continues to be a hacker. Usually people are used to following stereotypes. But looks are deceiving. It is not always necessary to draw positive conclusions about a person by the well-being and appearance of a person.

What is the meaning of the ending of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”

At the end of the film, the main character became more emotional, and her actions more feminine. For Christmas, she prepared a present for Mikael. But it was not possible to present it: she noticed him in the company of another woman. Lisbeth, like a teenage girl in love, throws a prepared gift into the trash in a fit of emotion. Her heart was left broken, and she herself was just as lonely.

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