Professional Ending Explained & Film Analysis

What is the film Professional (1981) with Belmondo about? Jean-Paul Belmondo is one of the iconic actors of the past. His characters are determined. Ready to move towards the goal and punish the enemy in any guise. And at the same time, they have humanity. The heroes of Belmondo are not invulnerable terminators. They have feelings, they experience pain. And even being badly wounded, they come to grips with evil. In general, the reality is gray, you start to think about it when you watch some films with this actor. Some films trace the tragedy of a man who wanted to get involved with the underworld, but, in the end, fell victim to its networks. You usually sympathize with the characters.

Especially. that earlier cinema was more human, but at the same time cruel. This is the cruelty of life, it is not associated with special effects. The pictures show different situations. that can actually happen to a person. All people are subject to both evil and good, so various terrible things happen to them. This is exactly what is reflected in Belmondo’s films. It shows the struggle of a person with the real world, without different colors. No need to wait for the favors of fate, but you just need to live and fight for the opportunities that it provides. And everything can escalate to such an extent that it is difficult to find a way out of this situation. But the hero portrayed by Belmondo is able to survive the blows of fate and come out of them with honor.

Tape “Professional” (1981) tells about a secret agent. which goes to Africa, to the Republic of Malagawi. He needs to eliminate its president, Njala. The hero’s name is Josselin Beaumont and he is a French officer in the Secret Service. Now he will have to decide how to cope with such an impossible task. Perhaps the secret agent would have fulfilled his mission, but a coup is taking place in his native France. The government is completely changed. The new government wants peace with Njala and uncovers secret agent Josselin Beaumont, played by Belmondo. The President of the African Republic arranges a show trial and, by his decision, sends Beaumont to hard labor, giving him a life sentence.

Two years have passed since then. as secret agent Josselin Beaumont was sent to hard labor. During this time, he was subjected to various forms of humiliation and torture. But then he manages to escape. Another dark-skinned prisoner escaped with him. Beaumont has only one goal – to escape from Malagawi. You will need money and documents. Fortunately, Josselin Beaumont has a hiding place where he hid everything he needs. But their village is attacked by a detachment of Njala. Beaumont’s friend is killed. He himself manages to escape to Paris. Colonel Martin receives an encrypted message from him and immediately understands who it is from. Used outdated code that was used 2 years ago. Alice Anslin, a cipher clerk, finds flowers from Beaumont, which he placed at the entrance to her house. She was the mistress of a secret agent. Then she is called to the service by Eduard Valera. She decrypts the telegram. It says that the task will be completed between 12 and 14. It is on these dates that Njala will be in Paris.

Having learned the meaning of the telegram, Marten instructs to convey this to his boss, who holds the post of minister. He also appoints surveillance of the apartment where Beaumont’s wife lives. Eduard Valera decides to overhear what Beaumont is talking about with his wife. But Alice doesn’t let him do it. As a result, the wife and the secret agent must meet at night. Beaumont needs to get into the house. He is already guarded by special agents. The agent goes to the trick. He bribes the homeless and also dresses in rags. A fight breaks out between the agents and the homeless. Meanwhile, there is a meeting at which they discuss what Agent Beaumont is capable of. The minister is present. During the meeting, instructor Picard, who trained the secret agent. talks about it. He believes that Beaumont is able to calculate all the steps of secret service special agents. The Minister is afraid of Josselin and loses his temper. But then Commissioner Rosen comes into play, who says that he can remove the special agent who has become a threat to society.

Beaumont’s cunning succeeded and he entered the house. He lies in bed with his wife Jean and she asks him why he came. The agent answers. that he should kill Njala, who turned out to be a scoundrel. He has a grudge against the Secret Service who didn’t tell him anything. Therefore, he will have to take care of Marten and Rosen. The next morning, Beaumont cleans up the bum’s clothes and his alarm clock. Then he climbs the wall of the house and watches what is happening in the apartment. Rosen has an assistant, Farge, who enters the house and realizes he has been tricked. He interrogates Beaumont’s wife, but Rosen arrives and strips Farge of his rank. A sergeant girl came with Rosen, who receives the task of torturing the wife of a special agent in the bathroom, lowering her into the water. But there Beaumont attacks her and neutralizes her. Then his wife goes to Rosen’s room. He does not understand what is happening. And Beaumont writes on the mirror that he is always behind his back. Rosen wants to brutally torture Jean Beaumont, but Edouard arrives and stops him.

Further, everything happens in the spirit of a spy thriller. Beaumont manages to get into the castle, where Njala, who arrived in Paris, is located. The special agent manages to kill the leader of the African Republic. Next, Beaumont goes to the helicopter, but he is shot at. The special agent lies dead on a green lawn. He had only to reach the helicopter to fly away.

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