What is the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” about?

The melodramatic film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”, which premiered back in 1979, does not lose its relevance. Viewers of different generations follow an interesting storyline, admire the brilliant play of the cast, empathize and sympathize with the characters. But what is the meaning of the director Vladimir Menshov in the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”? What is this movie about?

What is the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” about?

Late 1950s. Moscow. Three friends, young eighteen-year-old girls came from the provinces to conquer the capital. The heroines live in a dorm room. Antonina, Lyudmila and Katerina. A girl with a completely different life position. Purposeful Katerina failed the exams for admission to the Institute of Chemistry and Biology. However, the girl is sure that this is not her last chance to study at a higher educational institution.

Shy Antonina finds family happiness in the face of a simple Muscovite worker. The heroine successfully married, gave birth to a wife of three sons. A quiet, calm, peaceful life that would definitely not suit the bright and ambitious Lyudmila. For Lyuda, life in the capital is a lottery in which the girl dreams of drawing a “lucky ticket” throughout the film.

20 years have passed. Antonina’s life has not changed significantly. The heroine is working at a construction site. Lyudmila, who many years ago married a famous hockey player, divorced her husband. Sergei could not stand the worldwide fame and became addicted to alcohol. Katerina has been a single mother for many years. But the heroine was able to graduate from the capital’s institute and head a large enterprise. But Katerina could only dream of happiness in her personal life. However, a chance meeting on the train turned her life upside down.

The meaning of the film “Moscow does not believe in tears”

Three heroines, three different characters, three destinies. How was the life of each of them? Katerina’s restraint, assertiveness and determination helped her achieve the desired results. Despite the troubles, difficulties, obstacles, the girl did not give up. Many in her place, lacking points, drop everything and leave for their native provincial town. Just not Katherine.

Stumbling over life’s obstacles, the girl got up again and again. She had a purpose. Initially, it seemed so far away, even unreal. But the heroine, step by step, moved towards her dream. She has achieved her happiness. The years that Katerina spent on becoming herself, her personality, were not in vain. She herself “made herself” a strong spirit person. Problems only hardened her character.

The film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” is about the fact that our life is not always a gift of fate. Our path consists of trial and error. It depends only on ourselves what our existence will be like. If a person relies only on others, shifts responsibility for his actions to others, scolds fate and is angry at the injustice of this world, a boring, routine, meaningless life awaits him.

Katerina’s life can hardly be called simple and easy. Fate threw a woman such trials that could shake her faith in her own strength. Betrayal of a loved one, lack of connections and money, complete uncertainty. But this film is about the fact that no one knows what awaits us at the next turn of life. Katerina many years later told Rudolf, who left her pregnant, that he had done the right thing. After all, if she had not encountered difficulties, if she had not known the hardships of a single mother, a complete lack of money, she would not have been able to become the strong personality she has become.

The film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” is about the fact that age is just a number in the passport. For many, life is just beginning at the age of forty. Therefore, you should never despair, give up, give up. Each difficulty is an additional opportunity to change your life for the better.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Moscow does not believe in tears”

Three heroines were able to carry their friendship through the years. They met eighteen-year-old girls who had grandiose plans for life. Shy Antonina achieved what she dreamed of. She did not need a career, fame, success. Her happiness was a reliable faithful husband, family, beloved sons. The heroine, together with her husband, created a home, in which there was a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Lyudmila, who has been trying throughout her life to catch her bird of luck by the tail, has achieved personal happiness. She dreamed of big money, fame. All this she wanted to achieve without much effort. Life played a cruel joke on her. Lyudmila was left alone.

Katerina. The dedication of this woman is amazing. She made a dizzying career, raised her daughter alone and finally found long-awaited personal happiness. The finale of the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” is about the fact that in life you always need to rely only on yourself. There are no easy ways to success, you cannot rely solely on luck, luck, and the help of others. In pursuit of fame, wealth, money, you can miss something really important. Having achieved great heights in her life, Katerina would no doubt give everything for a reliable family. Fate gave the heroine the gift she had dreamed of for so many years.

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