Cesar and Rosalie Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Saturated bright film Cesar & Rosalie tells about human passions. The story of the relationship of the charming heroine with her two lovers does not leave any spectator indifferent. The tragicomedy touches upon several years of an attractive woman’s life. What should the film teach viewers? What topical issues did the director raise in his film? A detailed analysis of the film will help answer these questions.

What is Cesar and Rosalie about?

What is the film “Cesar and Rosalie” about: film analysis. A love triangle is at the center of the film. However, this is not a banal intrigue. David-Cesar-Rosalie. The main character cannot decide which of the two men she loves more. Both representatives of the stronger sex are equally dear to her. If Rosalie is in the company of one of them, in her soul she experiences a feeling of anxiety, emptiness. It is hard for her to be without another. Lovers of a charming woman are ready to carry her in their arms. Calm and reasonable David does not make scandals at all. Cesar is distinguished by increased jealousy. He simply does not know how to express his feelings differently.

The strange thing about this love triangle is that none of the characters are trying to change anything. Everyone and everything suits. The characters do not seek to define their status in relation to each character. What is happening does not bring spiritual discomfort to any of the presented characters.

The meaning of the film “Cesar and Rosalie”

Three bright extraordinary characters. Three strong characters. The brilliant Cesar amazes with his lust for life. Risk is in his blood. The character just can’t sit still. Cesar must be in constant motion. The restless and open hero has a strong attraction to an attractive woman. Wealthy and active Cesar is head over heels in love with her. The character cannot take his eyes off his charming lady. But the heroine again and again notices flaws in her boyfriend. She focuses on his clumsiness and forgetfulness. However, all accusations against Cesar are fictitious. The only thing that can be presented to the character is some rudeness. But Cesar has not yet learned to cope with strong feelings that suddenly fell upon him.

A woman uses her companion for her own purposes. However, this does not mean that she does not have any feelings for him. The heroine is deeply pleased with his adoration. Rosalie loves her chosen one. But the soul of a charming woman is not calm. She needs romance, lightness, a thirst for new discoveries and vivid impressions. She wants to try another life, another relationship. In the look of Rosalie, a hidden hope for a different development of events is read. After meeting the artist, the woman is in anticipation of their new meeting.

Over time, a struggle developed between the two men. Cesar and David. An unforgettable duet, each of whose members pursues the same goal. Why did Rosalie “hook” self-confident men so much? Why the characters are ready to fight each other for the ladies of their hearts. The meaning of the film “Cesar and Rosalie” is to show how strong and all-consuming the feeling is love. There are no limits for her. However, there is still a line that cannot be crossed under any circumstances.

Suddenly, the viewer realizes that for Cesar Rosalie is his property. He is not at all surprised that David confessed to him that he has a strong sympathy for his woman. After all, Cesar is sure that a successful man is distinguished by the highest quality in everything, everything should be perfect for him. But for Rosalie, this discovery was a big blow. She, without thinking twice, went to the artist. But Cesar is not going to just let his Rosalie go.

The audience involuntarily raises the question: “Why did the characters tolerate the presence of another man in their relationship?” Indeed, why did none of them dare to put an end to it? The heroine was a beautiful charming woman. She had a certain mania. She seemed to captivate her fans. But despite this, this cannot be an excuse for such an immoral relationship.

The meaning of the ending of the film “Cesar and Rosalie”

An intriguing film keeps the audience in suspense until the very end. Everyone must decide for himself what he is ready to do for the sake of all-consuming love. What motivated the heroes? The spirit of competition, a sense of ownership or an incredible desire to be close to a gorgeous woman? The characters fought for a long time and desperately, because no one wanted to retreat. But over time, they seem to have forgotten about the “grand prize”. The men were more concerned with the fight itself. Rosalie stepped into the shadows. The heroine understood this. She didn’t like it at all, she just disappeared. Her return was spectacular. But did any of the characters become truly happy?

The actors did not experience mental anguish. They lived the way they were comfortable. The meaning of the finale of the film “Cesar and Rosalie” is to convey to the viewer the main idea of ​​the film. Each of the characters loved only himself. They did not want to lose, because it would hurt their inner self. Love triangles were never considered the norm. They must be avoided, because they have not yet flown anyone happy. If a person truly loves, he does not look for anyone else for himself.

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