Peppermint Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

This film is great for those who like to freeze the blood in their veins not from fear, but from tension. The plot of this film is quite worldly, but at the same time original. The main role is played by a girl who, due to bloodthirsty murderers, lost her entire family. Her little daughter, who most of all brought happiness to the main character, also died. Such a cruel and bloody crime was committed by very famous and serious people, and therefore the court could not solve this problem and judge justice. The murderers remained unpunished – the law is not written for them. The girl decides to take everything into her own hands and punish the criminal. There is nothing in front of her that could stop her. She managed to track down everyone who was involved in the bloody murder of her family. All this time, she was accompanied by the image of her beloved daughter, who, more than anything else, loved mint-flavored ice cream.

What is the drama film Peppermint about?

What is the point of this movie? It is about dedication and the desire to restore justice where there is none yet. The girl is led to reprisal by memories of her family, of her beloved daughter, of the people whom she loved more than anything in the world. They dared to take away her happiness from her, so why can’t she take revenge for this with the same price? She one by one destroys all those who hurt her, and then becomes part of the gang of the main criminal in order to kill him too. She’s great at it – after 5 years she was able to end it. The police and the court could not help her, because the killers are very influential people, but the desire to avenge the fact that she was left without her relatives prevailed.

Peppermint has become a special symbol – it symbolizes her daughter for the girl, because she loved mint ice cream most of all. Why is she purple? Because it is covered with the blood of a little daughter – these smells mixed up and prompted the main character to decide on the massacre herself. After she almost ended up in a psychiatric hospital (after an attack on her family’s killers), she realized that no one could help her except herself. She takes matters into her own hands and finds a solution to this problem – to crack down on her own and inflict the same pain that she experienced on every killer. Also, purple mint is one of the varieties of this plant, which has a special, pronounced taste and smell.

This film is about pain and revenge. It will appeal to those who like to watch action-packed films about restoring justice with their own hands, when the authorities or other state bodies refuse to help in this. A person then makes a deal with his conscience, where he has no remorse – only the desire to restore justice and ease his pain, which haunts.

The film also violates the problem of corruption and the lame system of public services, which should help people and protect them from illegal actions of the same citizens. But alas, in practice a person in isolated cases can count on full-fledged professional support from the state. There will always be people who have many connections, money and nothing will stop them, even the law respected by all. They will find a loophole, an assistant or a good lawyer everywhere to get out of an uncomfortable situation for them. The injured party has no choice but to solve the problem on its own, on its own. If this is happening in civilized countries, then what can we say about those where the system of law is not so good. It is much harder for them, but human cunning and intelligence, readiness to go to the end have never been overpowered by money and connections. Wanting revenge, a person will stop at nothing. Especially if he avenges people close to his heart.

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