Blue Lagoon Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film work Blue Lagoon: The Awakening was filmed based on the fascinating story of the same name by Henry Stackpool. This film is about a forced merging with nature of a young girl Emma and a guy Dean, who, due to life circumstances, found themselves on a desert island. Emma fell overboard on a ship bound for Trinidad. Only Dean noticed this and rushed to save her. The current carried them out to sea and washed them on the shore of the island. Left alone on it, they understand that they can only survive if they act together and support each other. Emma and Dean were on the island for more than a hundred days, they were searched from a helicopter, their parents despaired of seeing them alive, but this long adventure taught young people how to survive in difficult circumstances. They were rescued by a sightseeing helicopter, and after arriving home, the young people continued their normal lives.

This movie touches on very important issues in our lives. Modern man, accustomed to constant access to all the benefits of life, finds himself on an island where these benefits are not available. Together with his peer, he has to survive, getting food, protecting himself from all dangers. Relations between Emma and Dean during their stay on the islands grew from friendly to romantic. Directed by Mikael Salomon, he retained only the plot taken from the story, completely redoing the plot in a modern way. The melodrama shows us an interesting romantic story of two teenagers who accidentally ended up on an island where there is no one but them. These two young people still have open hearts, they are sincere and looked at each other in such circumstances in a new way.

After watching the movie, we can see how different people can be. Emma is a beautiful and smart girl, for whom all the boys dry. Dean, on the other hand, was not very close friends with anyone, he liked being alone more than in the company. Nevertheless, once on the island, they were forced to establish relations with each other, although they were complete opposites to each other. Untouched nature has taught them to get along with each other and find common ground. At first, these young people were not very friendly with each other, but now they are in love with each other. Each of them has their own life situation – Emma has a good family, is active, likes to meet friends often and makes plans for the future, intending to enter Princeton University. Not everything is so rosy for Dean – he does not have friendly relations with his father, and his mother died not so long ago. He loves loneliness and does not appear in any company, he, in fact, does not even have friends.

The film teaches its viewer not to give up in difficult situations and to be able to survive in any circumstances, appreciate what we have, and always believe in the best. Once on the island, Emma and Dean did not despair, but began to explore a new area for them, found a wonderful waterfall, learned to look for food and protect themselves from the dangers that might lie in wait for them. Although the parents no longer even hoped to see their children alive and there was almost no hope of salvation, Emma and Dean survived. They believed that they would be saved and find a way out of this situation. The film teaches us never to give up and never lose hope for the best.

And what about the ending?

The film in the final touches on the most difficult problem to understand and solve. Dean reveals himself in a new way on the island – he was quiet and inconspicuous, but once alone with the beautiful Emma, ​​he becomes a relaxed and interesting conversationalist. The features of an adult man appear in him, able to protect both himself and the tender girl next to him. Emma, ​​having become a very popular girl among her peers, was very self-confident, active and independent. Once on the island, she becomes a delicate, fragile little girl who needs protection and a guarantee of safety. Together they find common interests and are united by one problem – how to get out of the island, how to escape? This continues exactly until the time when they are found by a sightseeing helicopter that accidentally flew over the island.

Returning to their former lives, they again put on masks. Dean wants to continue the relationship in real life, but Emma is against it – she stops all attempts to continue close communication with Dean. She again becomes the same self-confident and active, and Dean withdraws into himself, remaining alone. We can say that the roles that these people played in society are just masks. Untouched nature showed them what they really can be – real, sincere, honest and worthy of love. But society often forces us to be not who we really are, but to play roles that are not characteristic of us.

The film did not become a global film sensation, but won the hearts of those who watched the first film based on the story in 1980 and who enjoyed reading Henry Stackpool’s masterpiece. He did not raise big ratings, but he told his viewers a new, already modern, story of two teenagers who found themselves face to face with nature on a desert island and found new feelings in their souls.

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