Rabbit Hole Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

This film premiered in 2010 and starred Nicole Kidman. The plot is quite ordinary and simple: a married couple lost a child a few months ago and are now experiencing this tragedy. They had an accident and their little son died in his parents’ arms. It is very painful for Becky and Howie to remember their little boy – this pain does not leave them for a second. They decided to try to cope with this pain by attending psychotherapy sessions. The group sessions didn’t bring any results, and Becca thinks it’s best to stop doing this, because these classes will not work. The couple decides to get rid of the aggravating pain on their own: Becca talks to Jason, her son’s friend, and finds out that he is drawing a comic book called “Rabbit Hole”. Howie reminds himself of the baby by watching videos of him and smoking weed at the same time. It turns out that it was Jason who played an important role in the life of the young son of this couple.

What is the point of this movie? It is about the fact that some events can split even the strongest relationship. The couple feels separated because they have lost the meaning of their existence. They do not understand how they should now behave with each other, so they make a lot of mistakes. The audience understands what caused their disagreements and problems, so this is forgivable for the heroes. The very title of the film is symbolic. The rabbit hole is where the rabbit can wait out the danger and generally live. Transferring this to our couple, we can decipher this symbol as a shelter – both moral and physical.

It is as if they are digging a hole for themselves, in which it will be simple, warm and comfortable for them, because they are not very good with each other now. They could not save the link between them, so now they are divided into different parts of this marriage. Such situations are quite common in real life: people, having quarreled or become a participant in some event unpleasant for them, try to move away from everyone. Thus, they protect themselves from an uncomfortable state of affairs for them in order to maintain calmness and a clear mind.

In the course of the story, it turns out that it was Jason who knocked down a child who ran onto the road after his dog. The parents of the dead boy have to cope with the understanding that Becca has been talking with the killer of her own son all this time. He confesses to what he did, although from the very beginning he tries not to make contact with the boy’s mother. But after contact is established, he confesses his deed and sincerely repents, showing that he did not want to do this.

The film shows that very often, simply incredible relationships can be built between people that unite them because of a common tragedy. These connections can be built in the most incredible way, both uniting people and pulling them apart on different sides of the barricades. Human life is notable for the fact that everything that you can think of can happen in it. It is incredibly interesting, and every person who comes into our lives goes into it with some kind of mission. One person teaches us, the second punishes us, and the third can become a teacher and best friend.

After getting to know each person, we reserve for ourselves the experience and acceptance of the arrangement of things. Trying to live simply, it seems to us that we can better understand everything that happens, but fate never coordinates its scenarios with people. Even your closest friend can betray at the most inopportune moment or knock down your child on the road. The most cruel enemy will save this very child, pulling him out of the clutches of death. Nothing is clear and unambiguous in this life, but this is its essence. Also, in any incomprehensible situation, you should not run away from the problem and “dig a hole” in order to protect yourself. Sometimes it will be much more effective to face the problem and solve it as soon as possible.

The film, although old, still deserves to be seen. The psychological drama reveals the images of the characters in great detail, showing the dynamics of their development and revealing the character.

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