The Darkest Minds Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The premiere of this American science fiction thriller took place in 2018 and was created based on the work of Alexandra Bracken. It has a rather unusual plot – children get sick with an incomprehensible disease, and most of them die, and those who are lucky enough to survive have superpowers. Such children are collected in camps and marked with different colors. But one girl decided to go against the system and escaped from the camp. She became a member of a group in which teenagers go against the instructions of the government and try to oppose them in every possible way.

What is this film about – what is its meaning? It is about the fact that every person has the right to decide for himself and not be a victim of the system. The girl runs away from the camp so as not to be a slave to the system. We see a similar situation in modern society, but it has a slightly different meaning. The case concerns the vaccination of the population against coronavirus. Many citizens believe that in this way they are trying to lead and impose their ideas – they strongly oppose vaccination, forgetting about the health risks. The disease can go much easier and easier if you get vaccinated in time, but such people, referring to their opinion, which is contrary to science and healthy sense, refuse to vaccinate and dissuade others from doing it. In the case of the film, everything is much different – the girl runs away in order not to become the same as everyone else – marked. She does not want everyone around to see what her superpower is and decides to hide it by joining a group of like-minded teenagers.

Another feature of the plot is that Ruby escapes from the camp in order to find peace with the same like-minded people and not be a slave to the system. This is a normal desire of a normal person who wants to live his life and not spend it on working for the state. Citizens and techs work for him, but this case is like a forced system of turning an ordinary person into a slave. Ruby resists this and seeks shelter where she can be comfortable and at ease. Any person who has his own principles and desires to live his own life the way he wants would do so.

Film critics are very negative about this film. On average, the film received a rating of 4 out of 10, which shows a very low rating compared to other popular films. The film itself is incomprehensible and irrelevant, and viewers call it “An unfortunate misunderstanding in the summary of the Twelfth Century Fox”. Actor Harris Dickinson played his role very well, but in general this did not save the film’s reputation with the audience – it cannot be said that the audience liked it at least a little. It seems that the director did not care about what he shoots and how he presents this story. One gets the impression that he just ended up in the wrong project, and he could have fully manifested himself in something else. Such an interesting and well-thought-out story could have been made the cinematic breakthrough of the year, but the director, unfortunately, did not put enough effort into this. A teen dystopia like this could be as popular as Squid Game, which premiered in 2021 and made it the most popular movie ever. The audience is going crazy for this series, and the same glory could overtake The Darkest Minds. But, unfortunately, the idea is not entirely thought out and not all the abilities of the film crew are involved.

The film has a love storyline, there is also a main character around whom the whole essence of the film is wrapped, but all this does not inspire confidence or understanding. The film is similar to the unfinished version of the film “Bingo” – everything is there, but for some reason it does not inspire confidence and does not arouse any interest.

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