47 Meters Down Ending Explained & Film Analysis

47 Meters Down is a story of passionate and tragic love between two completely different personalities. The girl is a nature thirsty for new experiences. Her man is a calm, balanced person who dreams of a smooth and happy life. What can be common between them? Why didn’t even the birth of a child settle down the heroine? Let’s try to figure out what feelings connected the partners and what true meaning the director laid in the film 47 Meters Down.

The meaning of the movie 47 Meters Down (2017)

Two different characters. Two elements: water and fire. They are such different, conflicting personalities. However, they were connected by a deep all-encompassing feeling. The girl dreamed of new peaks and incredible hobbies. The man was a supporter of a calm peaceful life. But these two free hearts met. A tender, reverent relationship developed between them. The point of 47 Meters Down is to show how sincere and romantic love can be.

Initially, the characters tried to adapt to each other. But over time, the girl began to get tired of the monotonous even relationship. She vitally needed energy, drive, extreme. She could not imagine herself in the role of a quiet housewife, meekly performing routine work. The heroine firmly decided for herself that a quiet life was not for her.

The man had opposite values ​​and priorities. He dreamed of a cozy, calm family nest. He wanted to be away from the public fuss and increased attention. When the couple had a child, the hero was sure that his beloved would change her mind and stop getting involved in extreme activities. However, his companion had a completely different opinion. For herself, she firmly decided that she would not give up her activities and hobbies.

The meaning of the touching film 47 Meters Down is that each viewer understands how important it is to find a job to your liking. The girl lived her own interests. She could not imagine her existence without vivid emotions, reckless actions and incredible ideas. Swim with sharks, dive. This list goes on. The heroine believed that there are so many interesting and unknown things in life that you should definitely touch. Sitting at home with folded arms for those who do not want to improve the quality of their lives.

The heroine was fueled by new vivid emotions and events, they gave her food for thought. Succeed in everything at once. The girl sought to embrace the immensity and understand for herself what true happiness is. But why did the heroine need dangerous hobbies? Why did she constantly need a charge of new vivid emotions? Did the touching sincere relationship with her lover begin to weigh on her?

The film 47 Meters Down is a poignant story in which the girl did not understand what true happiness is. She searched, tried, analyzed, but everything turned out to be in vain. Her life was in full swing only when she received a charge of new extreme emotions. In other cases, it simply existed.

The heroine did not want to be just a wife and mother. She wanted to develop, to do what she was really interested in. The meaning of the film 47 Meters Down is to show everyone that you cannot impose your goals and ideals on another person. Each of us is individual and unique. Each of us has hobbies and passions. If someone does not like them, it does not mean that they are bad. Each of us has our own life path.

The meaning of the ending of the film 47 Meters Down (2017)

The film 47 Meters Down is filled with tenderness, dreaminess, bitterness and tragedy. The girl could not find herself, she was confused. The meaning of the finale of the film 47 Meters Down is to show the viewer how important it is to have a person next to you who fully understands you and accepts you for who you really are. In the company of a devoted sincere friend, TV can not hide your feelings and emotions, not be afraid of your bad mood. A loved one does not need to talk in detail about his experiences and problems, because he understands everything without words.

Beautiful touching film 47 Meters Down touches the most subtle facets of the soul. A woman should not concentrate all her attention exclusively on the child. Indeed, in this case, she can simply withdraw into herself, pushing her ideas and thoughts into the background. The child should not become an obstacle on the way to self-realization. The heroine was full of strength and energy. She fought desperately for her right to be happy. Unfortunately, some characters did not accept her position in life and turned away from her.

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