Free Guy Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Most recently, the release of the film Free Guy thundered. This is a comedy action movie, the main action of which takes place inside a computer game. That’s just the story itself, as well as the setting is quite new. In this article we will tell you about what the film Free Guy is about, and what he wanted to convey to us, ordinary viewers. We are sure it will be very interesting!

What is the movie Free Guy about?

We find ourselves in a city called Free City. The guy (that’s the name of the main character) works as an ordinary cashier in a bank. His day is a repetition of the previous one. And there are no changes. His friend named Buddy works in the same bank as a security guard. It just turns out that Free City is a city in a computer game. Players regularly raid the bank, destroy other people’s property, kill each other. The very concept of the game is GTA Online. This analogy can be traced literally from the first minute of viewing.

That’s just what happens that radically changes the usual way of life of the Guy – he falls in love. The girl in the black glasses slays him on the spot. That’s just during an acquaintance, something always happens that destroys the Guy’s plans. Gradually, he realizes that he is part of a computer game, and the girl is a real player. The guy finds black glasses (which all players wear) and sees that his world is full of quests. He starts earning experience to impress the girl of his dreams. But he does it only with good deeds – he does not rob banks, but helps his grandmother save cats and so on. Players around the world are beginning to consider the Guy a legend, although they do not know about his “computer” origin.

Everything would be fine, but the head of Soonami Games (an obvious reference to Konami) decides to close the project due to strange reasons. The fact is that he stole the project from a young employee and passed it off as his own. Closing the Free City project and transferring it to Free City 2 will erase the “over-texture world”, which became the prototype for Free City. It is his presence that can confirm the fact of theft.

Now the Guy, his beloved MolotovGirl and other NPCs of the city will have to do everything to prove their reality. Publicity is important, otherwise the Free City will simply be erased, which means the end for all the inhabitants of the Free City.

The guy will be opposed, but he will be able to prove his independence and the presence of an independent intellect. Then the Free City will be free from the attacks of the players, and the Guy will finally find happiness.

Of course, in the film, what is happening is more disclosed, but in a brief description it is difficult to convey all sorts of plot aspects. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the film – it deserves it.

The meaning of the movie Free Guy

The guy realizes that he is just a gear in the overall system. And then he faces a choice: to accept or prove that he is the main character. It is this choice that is the main idea of ​​the film. The hero will have to go through many trials for the sake of his love and the preservation of his own virtual world. But can he do it? Will he break his own algorithm for the sake of his own happiness? Such questions will accompany the viewer during the entire viewing.

The second idea is the question: “Can computer characters have a soul?”. Initially, no one believes that the Guy is just an NPC (non-playable character). But over time, real people will learn the truth about its nature. Someone accepts the emerging artificial intelligence, someone denies its reality. Therefore, the Guy will also have to prove that he is alive. He is full of feelings, desires, aspirations. But will everyone believe it?

The film Free Guy, in our humble opinion, turned out to be very good. Great humor, a good cast, an unusual setting and a bit of absurdity – this is exactly what everyone expected from a film with Ryan Reynolds! And everyone got it! Free Guy does not claim to be an Oscar, but it is able to entertain the viewer to the fullest. Actually, this is wonderful in it – it allows you to relax in our difficult time. Thank him for this!

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