Dune (2021) Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Many viewers really liked the premiere of this fantastic film, because it has a very unusual and exciting plot. Duke Leth Atreides was made head of the desert planet Arrakis – Dune’s second name. Only in this desert can one find a healing substance that gives unusual abilities and prolongs a person’s youth. Having taken this drug, a person begins to think very deeply and on a large scale, he can travel through reality. Leto takes her loved ones with her, but is captured by Harconner soldiers. There he tries to somehow get out of captivity, so he poisons them and commits suicide. His friends find themselves at the Fremens and find shelter there.

What is the point of this movie? It is about dreams and their interpretation. There is a lot of mythical and fictional in the film, but it does not stand somewhere outside the plot, but is almost the most important part of it. The director sends his audience to ancient civilizations to remind them that everything in this world has an end. The most developed and strong civilizations have disappeared and disappeared because such is the course of history. Something new is coming to replace something old and it will definitely be more powerful, stronger and better than the previous one. The director turns to the past and asks himself: was Oedipus Rex really a good leader? Who is who in the war between the Achaeans and the Trojans? These questions concern more than one generation, because the myth as a fact is presented very one-sidedly, without any chance for reflection and reflection.

There is almost no reality in this film, and this is done on purpose. The director, firstly, adheres to the motives of the book on which the film was made, and, secondly, he focuses on the past tense. Quite a few films have been made about the future, where the director fantasizes about how our life and existence will develop further, what science will achieve and what level technology will rise to. There are very few films that touch on the past, forgotten civilizations. The film shows that even in the most developed world, where technology has long surpassed the human brain, people can think about what the past was like before they appeared. Why myths were created with such a plot, and not with some other one.

The director and his crew paid a lot of attention to detail. They took into account everything – light, shades, colors, costumes and the appearance of the characters. It is noteworthy that desert landscapes are not just a picture or a video montage. Filming was carried out on the territory of a real desert in Jordan. The cast is very thoughtfully and well-chosen – all the actors make you remember yourself with the help of your acting. Not every character has a lot of screen time to fully develop their image, so they have to invest in the allotted time in order to be remembered by the viewer.

The soundtrack is especially worth noting – it is chosen very competently. The melody is saturated with loud explosions and other sounds, and repeats the plot, keeping up with it. Sound designers have thought of everything to the smallest detail, adding many necessary sounds and melodies to the plot to make the film even more interesting, beautiful, exciting and exciting. Sounds cause anxiety, danger and immerse the viewer into the atmosphere of struggle and resistance of different forces – good and evil.

The film looks in one breath – its plot is so dark and fascinating. Many special effects and individual details only improve its characteristics.

The film received quite a lot of reviews – both negative and positive. Some consider this film to be the best film adaptation of a literary work of this year, while others think that they have wasted their money and their time watching this film. Of course, those who prefer realistic motives and stories will not appreciate it, but for general development, you can still watch this film. This is only the first part of the story and, most likely, the second will also be released to show the viewer the further development of the story that has begun. It is not known how many more parts of the film will be shot, but for those who already liked it very much, this will be a great opportunity to develop the plot and follow the imagination of the director.

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