The Collector Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The premiere of the film took place back in 2009 in America and collected some reviews from film critics. Many of them said that it was a stereotyped film – there are already a lot of such films. Of course, the viewer may shudder a couple of times, but in general the plot is quite ordinary and does not cause any disturbing emotions.

What is the horror film The Collector about?

Arkin decides to keep his ex-wife and daughter safe from loan sharks and illegally breaks into the Chase’s house, which he and his repair team are renovating. He wants to appropriate the gem, which is safely hidden in the Chase house in a safe. But, getting closer to this safe, Arkin realizes that someone has already opened it before him. In addition to the fact that this unknown person stole the stone, he also placed deadly traps throughout the house, which Arkin now has to overcome. These traps were set up by the Collector and formed a real torture chamber in the basement, into which the owners of the house themselves fell. It is not clear whether Arkin will be able to get out of this house alive?

The atmosphere of the film is quite tense: the house in which Arkin wanders is depicted very gloomy and dull, as if inspiring fear and tension. Selected special weather conditions – a thunderstorm outside the windows. Deadly traps only depress and do not bode well. If you pay attention to the amount of cruelty and blood in the film, then it is more than enough. Lots of scenes of murder and violence, a lot of cruel treatment of people – this is exactly what horror fans like so much.

Why is the movie called The Collector? From the very beginning, it is not clear what he collects. As it turned out throughout the film, he collects people and their lives. This is predictable for most horror films that have a hero who kills a huge number of people. In this film, the hero is a psychopathic maniac, and for him, murder after murder is in the order of things. The scriptwriters came up with a special mask for him, so that the audience would be interested in who is hiding behind it. Because of her, he seems like a terrible and incomprehensible hero, from whom it is not clear what to expect.

Many viewers say that this is a one-time movie and they don’t want to watch it again. In addition, there are a lot of film bloopers in the film, which can irritate the watched eye of the viewer. The discrepancy between the actions of the heroes of the situation is annoying and unnerving: for example, even a novice viewer will immediately see that it is impossible to set some traps in a few seconds while Arkin was in the frame and fumbling around near the safe. It is precisely such inconsistencies and other movie blunders that the audience notes. Also, judging by the reviews of many horror fans, the plot is uninteresting and ordinary. The film is very similar to “Saw”, which also cannot please.

The second part was filmed for a reason – the director made this decision because he considers the first part unfinished. The story is not told to the end, and it needs to be continued so that the characters can fully open up and the plot has a logical conclusion. The second part of this story shows the continuation of the script and everything that happens to the Collector next: brutal murders and blood spatter are shown, the plot wraps up interestingly, but, again, as the audience notes, it is very predictable. To form your opinion about the second part of the film, you just need to watch it. Perhaps the second part will be more interesting and exciting than the first.

Everyone who has not yet seen this film and form their own opinion about it, because it is not advisable to judge it simply by other people’s reviews. To understand how the plot develops, the relationships of other people and other details, you should watch the film yourself. Perhaps you will like that film and you will find something worthwhile in it?

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