Schindler’s List Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Schindler’s List is a historical drama directed by Steven Spielberg based on a true story. Oskar Schindler, a German businessman and NSDAP member who selflessly saved over a thousand Polish Jews, is the main character in the film. The director clearly and accurately showed the horrors of the Second World War. Without the skillful actions of Oskar Schindler, Polish Jews would face imminent death during the Holocaust. What is the true meaning of the legendary film? Let’s try to get to the bottom of the truth and understand what Steven Spielberg wanted to tell the audience with his film Schindler’s List.

The Meaning of “Schindler’s List”

The film “Schindler’s List” is thought out to the smallest detail. All actions of the characters are clearly and accurately verified. The director skillfully showed many interesting moves, parallels and original thoughts of the hero. It can be seen that the sincere actions of Oskar Schindler began by themselves. The hero did not have a difficult life stage when he made a reassessment of values. Oskar Schindler is a man with a big heart who could not stand by while watching the horrors of World War II.

The film “Schindler’s List” is not just a story about an outstanding act of the protagonist. The director also focuses on the images of simple characters, of which there were a large number. After all, each of them hides the fate of a particular person. The characters do not try to make themselves important personalities, they do not demonstrate supernatural abilities. A whole concentration camp passes before the audience, in which it is impossible to unite all people into one crowd. Each person has his own path and what it will sometimes depend on the actions of another person.

The meaning of the film “Schindler’s List” is to show the viewer that for the happiness of one person it is enough to help people in need. The prisoners of the concentration camp became victims of terrible circumstances. But these people wanted to live. Exhausted by suffering, circumstances, humiliation, they wanted to escape from this nightmare. But without the help of outsiders, it was almost impossible to do this.

Oskar Schindler. A German businessman whose main business in life was saving people. He did not advertise his merits. He helped those in need not for gratitude or material gain. The hero simply could not do otherwise. The film “Schindler’s List” reveals the facets of the human soul. This film talks about simple values ​​that are relevant at all times. Love for neighbor, compassion, participation, support. The protagonist demonstrated human qualities, thanks to which he was able to save more than a thousand prisoners.

A poignant story about a strong and courageous personality. Thanks to such people, a person does not cease to believe in miracles and hope for the best. Because of Oskar Schindler, the characters have a chance for a future. Life is the most valuable thing people have. This is exactly what the main character understood. By his example, he showed that even difficult circumstances and dangers can be fought. He set himself a specific goal – to save as many people as possible. Oskar Schindler, despite the unpredictability of his position, relentlessly followed his plan to save people.

The meaning of the ending of the movie “Schindler’s List”

“He who saves one life saves the whole world.” This phrase was chosen as the slogan for the film Schindler’s List. People who ended up in a concentration camp, despite the hardships and huge problems, fought to the end. The meaning of the finale of the heartfelt film “Schindler’s List” is to show the viewer that even in an extremely difficult and dangerous situation, people fight to the end. Having lost the most precious and valuable, the characters were in no hurry to despair. They wanted to live, their cherished desire was irresistible. It was at this moment that Oskar Schindler extended a helping hand to the prisoners of the concentration camp.

At the final shots of the film “Schindler’s List”, the audience involuntarily bursts into tears. Many film critics note that this film is the best story about the war. The film without embellishment shows the real feat of a man who could not do otherwise. There are no military actions in the film. But even despite this fact, the viewer unwittingly becomes a participant in the harsh days of World War II.

Schindler’s List has a happy ending. The main character, by his personal example, showed that every person should be treated with respect. Everything will be fine. It is this phrase that comes through at the end of the film. At the end of the movie, the war is over. This is a life-truthful result, which has a historical basis.

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