Bombshell Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The American drama film Bombshell tells about several stories of employees of one TV channel. The heroines accused the CEO of committing a serious crime. But how did events actually unfold? Why were the employees silent for so long? Let’s try to figure out what the true hidden meaning of the film Bombshell is.

The meaning of the film Bombshell

The sincere film Bombshell tells how the heroine decided to organize a campaign against sexual harassment, as well as against gender discrimination. Employees found themselves in a difficult life situation. Interesting work, big plans for the future. However, over time, the heroines began to notice the strange behavior of their CEO. What should they do in this situation? How to gather strength and make what happened public?

Three completely different heroines, three opposite characters. The main characters are collective images of female employees who worked on a well-known channel. Confident in his impunity, the male director chose his victims according to the only known sign. Yes, the employees were smart, attractive and elegant. Yes, they were under him. But this is not a reason to cross the line that should not be crossed under any circumstances.

The meaning of the film Bombshell is to teach ordinary girls to defend their rights. You must remember that no one should encroach on your freedom and feelings. Nobody can force you to do what you don’t want to. The realistic film Bombshell reveals the feelings and emotions of the victims of the CEO. The employees were depressed, they did not understand why they were treated the way they were. Shock, emptiness, denial. But over time, the realization came that we should not let this situation take its course. It is necessary to defend your position in life and the truth.

The brilliant play of the actors makes the audience feel their realistic story with all their hearts. We unwittingly empathize, sympathize with the characters, while condemning the overbearing CEO. The film Bombshell touches on an important topic: gender discrimination. This problem fades into the background over time. But in some organizations it is still present. Employees by their example proved that you should never be afraid to prove your truth. You can’t infringe on your life priorities and interests by covering for not entirely honest people. Evil, violence, sexual harassment cannot be tolerated. Sexual discrimination is a crime for which the perpetrator must suffer a well-deserved just punishment.

The meaning of the finale of the film Bombshell

This is a touching story about how employees were not afraid and exposed their boss. The man held a high position. But even this circumstance did not save him from the punishment he had suffered. He was the CEO, he had a lot of power in his farts. The man believed that everything was possible for him, that he could get away with everything. That is why he began to harass his employees. The heroines did not tolerate such an attitude. Women found the strength in themselves to give a decisive rebuff to their offender. So the founder of one of the most famous TV channels was overthrown from his throne.

The meaning of the finale of the film Bombshell is that any representative of the fair sex can get into such an unpleasant dangerous situation. The film focuses on the fact that you need to fight for your rights. It is impossible to suffer meekly, being afraid to reveal the truth. It’s not shameful. Criminals who exert sexual pressure must be brought to “clean” water. The man was sure of his impunity. He believed that the heroines would never tell anyone about what had happened, and he would continue to do his criminal deeds.

But the employees showed their character. They could not come to terms with the conditions in which they had to work. The heroines, with their perseverance, work, faith in justice, were able to force a person to suffer a well-deserved punishment. The film Bombshell is not just a film for one viewing of an entertaining nature. The picture revealed the problems that some girls face in their work. However, now all employees have a clear plan of action in such situations. Of course, it is better for no one to ever encounter such characters – powerful directors. But if this has already happened, there is no need to silently cry and despair. It is necessary to act and defend your rights with all your might.

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