The Mercy Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The Mercy (2018) is a British biopic directed by James Marsh. This drama is based on a true story. British yachtsman Donald Crowhurst took part in the round-the-world race. The main prize of the competition was the Golden Globe. This is a story about a strong character and the irresistible desire of a person to win despite difficult and dangerous conditions. Let’s try to figure out what the true meaning is in the film The Mercy directed by James Marsh.

The meaning of the film The Mercy

The main character had a specific goal. He had to save his company from bankruptcy by any means. But participating in a round-the-world trip is not just a method of dealing with lack of money. For a British amateur yachtsman, such an adventure was a cherished dream. The hero did not act alone. His wife and children provided him with the most powerful moral help and support. The yachtsman decided to take a chance. It was the most treacherous and dangerous journey of his entire life. When the British businessman found himself in the open ocean, he was seized with panic and fear. But the hero is not used to giving up. He selflessly struggles not only with external circumstances, but also with himself.

The film The Mercy is divided into two parts. In the first, the hero responsibly approached the preparations before the trip around the world. However, he did not even imagine what difficulties he would face in the open ocean. His business was extremely unsuccessful. But that was just one of the reasons that prompted him to take part in the Big Globe Award. The protagonist dreamed of fighting the elements of nature and proving to himself that he had a strong, persistent character. The meaning of the film The Mercy is that every viewer can be in the place of a desperate yachtsman and see what was happening around with their own eyes.

The adventure drama The Mercy shows the non-standard thinking of a person who finds himself on the verge of life and death. The main character did not expect such a turn of events. However, he had to adapt to difficult conditions. Indeed, otherwise, not only victory in a round-the-world trip was at stake, but also his own life.

On the screens of the film The Mercy the hero’s personal drama unfolds. The film shows the hidden reserves of our body and the infinity of the soul. It seems that the person is confused, he does not understand how to proceed further. But over time, common sense and cold reason take precedence over emotions and panic. Gradually, a person adapts to the conditions in which he is. So it is in everyday life. You can’t suffer all the time. It doesn’t happen all the time badly and hopelessly. The hero proved by his own example that even being in the middle of the open ocean, you can find a way out.

The character was practically doomed to certain death. But this circumstance only spurred him on. He confidently grabbed the thread of life. The question of a possible victory in a prestigious competition, the desire to become famous no longer stood before him so sharply. Having found himself in a difficult situation, finding himself in the middle of the open ocean, where there was nowhere to wait for help, the hero selflessly developed a plan to save his own life.

The meaning of the ending of the film The Mercy

On the example of a biographical story, the director showed the spirit of rivalry and the desire to win. The desire of the protagonist was great. In addition, he found the support and understanding of his household. But the desire to win, adventurism, craving for conquering new heights eventually give way to fear and even despair. The protagonist understands that the open ocean has become a trap for him. He again and again begins to analyze the situation, engages in self-digging. Scrolling through the head of the reasons for his adventure, the hero involuntarily begins to doubt the correctness of his choice. However, there is no way back.

The meaning of the finale of the film The Mercy is to demonstrate the stamina and fortitude of a person who finds himself face to face with the unrestrained elements. He did not have practical skills in managing a ship on the open ocean. However, his desire to live was stronger than the circumstances. It was important for the hero to prove to himself that he could do it, no matter what.

The biography drama The Mercy definitely deserves attention. Despite the romance that reigned around the hero’s dream to travel around the world, the film warns desperate daredevils against rash acts. The film warns viewers that a meeting with nature can carry a lot of dangers, worries and unpredictable consequences.

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